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Laptop and SW Rental Services

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Laptop Loans

Students (including graduate students) must be registered for the current semester.

Loan Conditions

  • - Rental Conditions
    Students (including graduate students) who have registered for the current semester.
  • - Devices for Rental
    Laptop computers that are equipped with a wireless LAN card are available for rent.
  • - Rental Period and Use
    Rental period is limited to 150 hours per semester for each person and rental devices must be used for only education/research/academic purposes.
Load period
Category Rental Period Remarks
Rentals 09:30~15:00 Laptops may not be checked out during nighttime, holidays, and weekends
(devices may not be taken off campus).

For overnight use, the devices must be returned by 10am the next day.
Return During semester Humanities and Social Sciences Campus 10:00~20:00
Natural Sciences Campus 10:00~17:00
During Breaks 10:00~17:00

※ Laptop rental/return services will be closed during 12:00~13:00 for lunch.

  • - Rental fee
    All rentals are free of charge. However, if loaned devices are lost or damaged, the person who has checked out the device must compensate for the total cost necessary for restoration of the device.

Application Method

  • - Students who wish to borrow a laptop must sign in to GLS, make a reservation through Information Square-IT Service-Apply for Laptop Loan, present ID (both student ID and resident registration card) to the Information Communications Division, fill out a loan service agreement form and checkout a device. At this time, students must check and verify if there is anything wrong with the device for themselves and they will be responsible for any consequences of their negligence in this verification process. First-time users must submit a copy of their student ID and resident registration card

Reservation Cancellation

Rental reservations must be cancelled through the website before the time of borrowing. If one fails to do so, a violation of reservation will be regarded as a delay in return.

Rental Location

  • - Humanities and Social Sciences Campus: PC Center, 4F, Dasan Hall of Economics (02-760-1258)
  • - Natural Sciences Campus: PC Center, 4F, Engineering Bldg. 2 (031-299-6215)

Delay in Return

Penalty will be given according to the number of delayed returns as specified below.

Delay in Return
Number of Delayed Returns Penalty Remarks
1 Rental suspended for 1 month  
2 Rental suspended for 6 months  
3 and over Permanent suspension  
Penalty for failure to return
or compensate for loss
or damages
Claim for damages and disciplinary measures until the device is returned or compensated If renter does not comply with SKKU’s demand for return or compensation, legal measures will be taken.

Responsibility for Data

The Information Communications Division has no obligation to preserve any personal data left in the returned devices and the person who has borrowed the device is responsible for the loss of such data.

Software Rentals

The Information Communications Division purchases all the necessary software and offers software rental. The division has license agreements with these software products for only administrative, lecture and research purposes and the use of these software products for personal purposes (use off campus, commercial research) is strictly prohibited. To prevent illegal software use, users must take precautions for each software product.

* Software rentals are only provided to faculty and staff.

Anti-virus Software (V3)

To manage the licenses and servers, antivirus software downloads are offered separately for the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus, the Natural Sciences Campus and residence halls. Please download and install the program according to the location of your computer.

Software Loans

  • MS CA(Campus Agreement) V3.1 licensed products
    • - Microsoft Windows Upgrade (win7, win8)
    • - Microsoft Office Pro 2007, 2010
    • - Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2008, 2010
    • ※ For personally assembled computers, users must have an OS Installation license to borrow an OS.
  • Hangul 2007, Hangul 2010
  • SPSS
    • - License for 300 copies is renewed every July.
    • - License for SPSS must be renewed annually.
    • - Users must replace the license code after a year for continuous use.
    • - Those who wish to renew the rental must submit an application form to the Information Communications Team to get authorization for use.
    • - Only a single copy can be used for each person in professors’ labs and the products cannot be used in other labs.
  • SAS

    Can be used anywhere on campus (except for private labs or some organizations)

    After the rental period, users must renew the rental and replace the Setinit File posted by the groupware.
    Please contact SAS Korea for any inquiries. ( T)3787-8003)

  • Adobe (ACSP licensed products)
    • - Acrobat Writer
    • - Dreamweaver
    • - Illustrator
    • - InDesign
    • - PhotoShop
    • - Flash

    ※ Rental method: The quantity is limited and users who have submitted an application to and received authorization from the Information Communications Team are permitted for use.

Software Rental Location

  • Software can only be installed on campus and the rental period is 1 night and 2 days.
  • Rental Location
    • - Humanities and Social Sciences Campus: PC Center, 4F, Dasan Hall of Economics (02.760.1258) / 2F, 600th Anniversary Bldg. (02.760.1232)
    • - Natural Sciences Campus: Information Communications Division, 4F, Engineering Bldg. 2 (031.299.6215)
  • SPSS and Adobe can only be borrowed from the Information Communications Team.




  • - 租赁对象
  • - 租赁设备
  • - 租赁时间及使用
区分 租赁时间 备注
租赁 09:30~15:00 夜间、休息日、

交还 学期 人文社会科学校区 10:00~20:00
自然科学校区 10:00~17:00
假期 10:00~17:00

※ 12:00~13:00是午休时间,该时间段不提供租赁/交还服务。

  • - 租赁费用
    免费租赁 但租赁设备丢失及发生毁损时,租赁的学生要承担设备维修所需要的费用。


  • - 申请及确认




  • - 人文社会科学校区 : 经济馆4楼PC运营室(02-760-1258)
  • - 自然科学校区 : 第二工大 4楼PC运营室(031-299-6215)



延迟交还次数 内容 备注
1次 1个月停止租赁  
2次 6个月停止租赁  
3次以上 永久停止租赁  
对未交还者及未赔偿者的措施 恢复原状之前要求赔偿及





* 除了教职员外不予租赁



下载 : 登录网站 → 帮助 → 资料室


  • MS CA(Campus Agreement) V3.1合同产品群
    • - Microsoft Windows Upgrade (win7, win8)
    • - Microsoft Office Pro 2007, 2010
    • - Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2008, 2010
    • ※ 组装PC需要用户另购买O.S Install版本许可时才能租赁OS
  • Hangul 2007, Hangul 2010
  • SPSS
    • - 每年7月300Copy续约。
    • - SPSS以一年单位使用。
    • - 续约后更换授权码才能使用。
    • - 需要重使用的用户需要向信息通信部门提交申请书后得到许可。
    • - 教授研究室1名只能使用1Copy,研究室等一切不能使用。
  • SAS
    • - 可以在校内使用。(但研究所等的部分机构除外)
    • - 租赁期满后续约时,要更GroupwareSetinit File
    • - 请向SAS国内分店咨询。( T)3787-8003)
    • ※ 组装PC需要用户另购买O.S Install版本许可时才能租赁OS
  • Adobe (ACSP licensed products)
    • - Acrobat writer
    • - Dreamweaver
    • - Illustrator
    • - inDesgin
    • - PhotoShop
    • - Flash

    ※ 租赁方法 : 数量有限,只有向信息通信部门提交申请书后,得到允许的用户才能利用。


  • S/W只能安装在校内,租赁时间是2天1夜。
  • 租赁场所
    • - 人文社会科学校区 : 茶山经济馆4楼PC运营室(02.760.1258),600周年纪念馆2楼(02.760.1232)
    • - 自然科学校区 : 第二工学馆4楼信息通信部门(031.299.6215)
  • SPSS、Adobe只能在信息通信部门租赁。
  • SPSS
    • - 每年7月300Copy续约。
    • - SPSS以一年单位使用。
    • - 续约后更换授权码才能使用。
    • - 需要重使用的用户需要向信息通信部门提交申请书后得到许可。
    • - 教授研究室1名只能使用1Copy,研究室等一切不能使用。