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TITLE Dept. of Global Business Administration Delivered Briquette for Helping Neighbors in Need
POSTER 김민선 NO 2245
DATE 2017.01.17 14:47:04 HIT 461

On Jan. 12th, a total of 50 students who are attending the Dept. of Global Business Administration (Dean: Hak Kyun KIM) and prospective students for the admission year of 2017, participated the ‘Briquette Delivery’ volunteer activity for helping neighbors in need.


The department has held this event every winter since 2008 when the department was established, and students can join voluntarily. This activity has become a tradition of the department where prospective students can meet senior colleagues while participating in such a meaningful event.


Student Council of the Dept. of Global Administration, who prepared the event mentioned “by organizing this event, we have learned that sharing provides great joy and we would like to share this feeling with more people through various volunteer activities.”



글로벌경영 연탄배달행사


글로벌경영 연탄배달행사


글로벌경영 연탄배달행사

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