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Convenience Facilities

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Humanities and Social Sciences Campus
Category Facility Name Content Location Contact Info.
University Life and Academic Support Facilities Self-Help Center Free fax(incoming & outgoing), scanner and PC use available (free umbrella and sports equipment rental service) 4F, Student Union Building 02-760-1420
Lost and Found Center Management of lost and found items Student Support Team on 1F, 600th Anniversary Building 02-760-1077
Female Students Lounge Jeongjeong heon Female student-only rest area (equipped with sleeping room) 4F, Student Union Building 02-760-1095
Dasan Hall of Economics Women’s Lounge Female student-only rest area (equipped with sleeping room) 1F, Dasan Hall of Economics
Law School Building Women’s Lounge Female student-only rest area (equipped with sleeping room) B2, Law School Building
Financial Facilities Post Office Banking and mail services 1F, 600th Anniversary Building 02-740-1900
Woori Bank Banking services 1f, Yurim Hall by the University entrance 02-740-1901
Dining Halls Ongnyucheon Restaurant Korean and Western meals services 1F, Faculty Hall 02-740-1924
Faculty Dining Hall Buffet-style meal services 6F, 600th Anniversary Building 02-740-1925
Eunhaenggol Restaurant Student dining hall B1, 600th Anniversary Building 02-740-1926
Geumjandi Restaurant Student dining hall B2, Business Hall 02-740-1927
Enhaengnamu-a-rae Restaurant Student dining hall (mainly fast food) B2, Business Hall 02-740-1928
Beopgoeul Restaurant Student dining hall B2, Law School Building 02-740-1929
Parking Parking Services Office Offers parking-related services B1, 600th Anniversary Building 02-740-1904
Welfare Shops Snack Bar Sells textbooks, cultural books, language study books, etc B3, Business Hall 02-740-1908
Photo Studio Offers various photo-related services B3, Business Hall 02-740-1909
Photocopy Office Offers photocopy-related services B3, Business Hall 02-740-1917
Optical Shop Sells glasses and contact lenses B3, Business Hall 02-740-1910
Sarangbang Sells coffee, drinks, etc B3, Business Hall 02-740-1916
Hair Salon Offers cuts, perms and other hair services B3, Business Hall 02-740-1919
Mobile Communications Offers N-Zone and mobile communications related services B3, Business Hall 02-740-1920
Travel Agency Offers domestic and international travel services B3, Business Hall 02-740-1914
Stationery Shop Sells stationery items B3, Business Hall 02-740-1911
Music Shop Sells music and relevant items B3, Business Hall 02-740-1912
Flower Shop Sells flowers and flowerpots and offers flower delivery service B3, Business Hall 02-740-1913
Gift Shop Sells various SKKU-themed souvenirs B3, Business Hall 02-740-1907
Shoe Repair Shop Shoe repair service 1F, Business Hall 02-740-1918
Fitness Center On-campus fitness center B4, Business Hall 02-760-0848
Library Snack Bar Snack Bar 1F, Library 02-740-1932
Suseon Hall Snack Bar Snack Bar 5F, Suseon Hall Annex 02-740-1936
Law School Snack Bar Snack Bar B2, Law School Building 02-740-1934
Student Union Snack Bar Snack Bar 3F, Student Union Bldg. 02-740-1933
Business Hall Underground Convenience Store Convenience store B3, Business Hall 02-740-1931
Toegye Hall of Humanities Convenience Store Convenience store 2F, Toegye Hall of Humanities 02-740-1935
Take-Out Coffee Shop Piloti Rest Area & Coffee Shop Piloti Rest Area (between the Hall of Humanities and Dasan Hall of Economics)
Take-Out Coffee Shop Outdoor coffee shop in Business Hall Outside lounge on B2, Business Hall