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성균관대학교 로고


Academic Policies and Procedures

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Compliance with University Policies

Registration as a student constitutes a commitment by the student to abide by University policies, rules and regulations, including those concerning registration, academic performance, student conduct, health and safety, use of the libraries and computing resources, university facilities, and the payment of fees and assessments. Some of these are set forth in the student handbook while others are available in relevant University offices. Students should take responsibility for informing themselves of applicable University policies, rules and regulations.

GLS System

An SKKU online membership ID provides access to the Sunkyunkwan University Academic System for Students (GLS) and its services, and identifies authorized users of these services.

Using GLS, students are able to register for courses and change courses, apply for a leave of absence and reinstatement as well as change their address, and personal Information. In addition, retrieval services of academic records and curriculum like syllabus or course description is provided through the GLS system. Further information concerning the GLS system may be found at the orientation for newly arrived students.


Registration means that students declare their intention to continue studying at SKKU and to retain their student status in Korea. Students on campus who are not registered during the scheduled period do NOT have the privileges of an SKKU student.

A person wishing to be reinstated as a graduate must apply for reinstatement through the GLS system and the registration notice paper may be found on GLS and printed out.

How to Register

  • - The moment your tuition and other fees are paid, registration is complete.
  • - The registration notice will be sent each semester, or found on GLS where it can be printed out.
  • - Be sure to complete the payment at the designated bank by the due date.
  • - Generally, the registration period is scheduled on the 3rd week of February and August respectively.

Reissuing Registration Notice

Using GLS or visiting the administrative office, you can get a reissuance.

Dismissal by No Enrollment

Students who are not registered by the due date are considered dismissed students by default unless they apply for registration or leave of absence. In the event of the dismissed student, their legal status as a student in Korea may be discontinued and they must leave the country within a determined period.

Leave of absence and Returning

If only for reasons of health problems, international students can have the option of taking a leave of absence upon filing a petition to do so with their relevant administrative office.

Required Documents

  • - A medical certificate which proves at least a three week treatment
  • - Objective documents concerning an unavoidable incident
  • - Application for a leave of absence must be made within 13 weeks after the semester begins.

Master’s students are allowed to take a leave of absence up to a total of three semesters, doctoral students up to a total of three semesters, doctoral students up to four semesters, and for combined master’s / doctoral

students a maximum of up to six semesters.
Students wishing to be reinstated must apply to return through the GLS system. After filling for returning through GLS, students can print out the registration notice for registration. During the scheduled registration period, they must complete the tuition payment and seek to enroll in classes.

Unless students return to the University within the scheduled semester, they must apply for an extension of leave of absence, or they will be dismissed from the University, according to the Dismissal of Expiration of Leave of Absence policy.

Dismissal and Readmission (Reinstatement)

In case students fall under the following conditions, their status may be disqualified and they may be dismissed as SKKU students.

  • - Dismissal by No Enrollment
  • - Dismissal by Voluntary Drop
  • - Dismissal by Giving Up Enrollment
  • - Dismissal by Punishment
  • - Dismissal by Expiration of Leave of Absence
  • - Dismissal by Academic Warning/Probation
  • - Other Dismissal

The University is not obligated to approve readmissions for students. Applications for readmission will be reviewed by the University and subject to the approval of the Faculty Steering Committee and Policy or its designees. Readmission decisions may be based on the applicant’s status when last enrolled, activities while away from campus, the length of the absence, the perceived potential for successful completion of the course, as well as any other factors or considerations regarded as relevant by the University or the Committee. Application for readmission must be submitted to the relevant administrative office.

Transcripts and Certification of Enrollment or Degrees

Transcripts of SKKU records are issued by the Academic Affairs Office upon the student’s request when submitted in writing or via the online GLS system. The courses taken and grades given in one semester will not appear on any student’s transcript until all grades received by the grade deadline have been recorded; generally, this is two weeks after final exams. The University reserves the right to withhold transcripts or records of students with unmet obligations to the University.

The Academic Affairs Office canprovidewritten confirmation of registration, enrollment or degree status. The printed certification can be used whenever enrollment or degree verification is required for scholarships, visa extensions and so on. Issuing service for certification of enrolment, transcript or degree is provided through the following channels:

  • - Office Issuing Service : When students present their ID card to the Academic Affairs Office, it takes 10 minutes to be provided with the certification.
  • - Internet Issuing Service : Using GLS, students are also able to print out a legally binding authorized certification through electronic notarization on any network PC.
  • - Postal Issuing Service : Postal service for issuing certification is also available.
  • - Fax Issuing Service : At any civil petition office, students can order a faxed copy from the fax certificate issuing service which takes three hours.

How to get a certification service

Type Campus Venue Business Hours Remarks
Office Issuing Service Humanities and Social Sciences Academic Affairs Office (1F, 600th Anniversary Building 9:00 am to 5:30 pm No service on holidays
Natural sciences Center for Administrative Services (1F, Student Union Building) 9:00 am to 5:30 pm No service on holidays
Services(1F, Student Union Building)
Vending Machine Issuing Service Humanities and Social Sciences 1F, 600th Anniversary Building
1F, Business Building
5F, Suseon Hall
4F, Central Library
24 hours
Natural Sciences 1F, Student Union Building
1F, Engineering Building 1
1F, Engineering Building 2
1F, Natural Science Library
24 hours

Amendment of Student’s Record

A student may ask the University to amend records that he/she believes are inaccurate of misleading. The student should submit the petition for amendment of the record to the relevant administrative office. Clearly identify the part of the records they want changed, and specify why it should be changed.

Grading System

As can be seen from the following grade descriptions, a student’s grade, consideration is given as a result of evaluation, mid-term exam, final exam, attendance, and participation.

Grading Scale

A+ 4.5 C+ 2.5
A 4.0 C 2.0
B+ 3.5 D+ 1.5
B 3.0 D 1.0

F(Fail), I(Incompleate)

Incomplete Grade

The ‘I’ (incomplete) is restricted to cases in which graduate students have satisfactorily completed a substantial part of the course work. No credit will be given until the course is completed and a passing grade received. When a final grade is received, all reference to the initial ‘I’ is removed and is changed to the final grade. Unless the result of the course evaluation is completed by the due date, the ‘I’ will be changed into ‘F’(Fail)








  • - 所有学费及相应费用交齐,则完成注册报道。
  • - 每一学期将在GLS系统上公布注册报道信息或将相关信息
  • - 指定日期前在指定银行成功缴费
  • - 注册报道日期一般为二月第三周和八月。








  • - 医学证明并证明需要三周以上休假
  • - 证明为不可避免事件
  • - 请假申请必须在开学后的13周内完成






  • - 未注册报道
  • - 自愿退学
  • - 放弃注册报道
  • - 处罚劝退
  • - 休学期间到期后未延期
  • - 学业警告/试读期警告
  • - 其他原因开除




教务处可提供注册登记和学位证书的书面证明。其复印件可用于奖学金申请,签证延期办理等。注册登记和学位证书的证明可通过以下渠道申请 :

  • - 办公室服务 : 学生向教务处出示身份证明,大约需要十分钟。
  • - 网络服务 : 使用GLS系统,通过电子邮箱传送,学生可打印,其具有同等法律效力证明
  • - 邮递服务 : 可邮递证明
  • - 传真服务 : 学生可在民事信访办公室从传真发证服务处申请传真复印件,大约需要花费3小时


类型 校区 地址 工作时间 备注
办公服务 人文社会科学 600周年纪念馆1楼 上午9:00~下午5:30 节假日不办公
自然科学 行政服务中心(学生会馆1楼) 上午9:00~下午5:30 节假日不办公
自助服务 人文社会科学 600周年纪念馆 1楼
经营馆 1楼
修善馆 5楼
学术信息馆 4楼
自然科学 学生会馆 1楼
第一工学馆 1楼
第一工学馆 1楼
自然科学图书馆 1楼




学生期中考试,期末考试,考勤与表现成绩描述如下 :


评分 平均分 评分 平均分
A+ 4.5 C+ 2.5
A 4.0 C 2.0
B+ 3.5 D+ 1.5
B 3.0 D 1.0

F(不及格), I(不完整)


I(不完整)包括研究生已完成大部分学业情况。只有完成学业或通过考核,才可获得学分。期末考试通过后,可以修改成绩中的 I(不完整)。如若未在截止日期完成学分, I(不完整)将改为F(不及格)

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