Sungkyunkwan University
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SKKU operates its own Learning Management System (LMS) called i-campus to offer an electronic learning environment. We can say the university’s Internet campus with its 4A (Anyway, Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone) concept can be used for lectures and supplementary uses in all regular courses. In 2008, the university’s e-learning system became popular with more than 56,000 registering in 499 new courses. The university’s e-Learning system has been named e+ Course and offers four types of courses.

Types of e+Courses

Save-Lecture Course

  • - The courses take place in e+ recording lecture halls installed with lecture filming (camera tracking) and all the lectures are saved on i-campus.
  • - Recorded video materials can be relearned and reviewed on i-campus.
  • - e+ recording lecture halls: 76 lecture halls including 31 at the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus and 47 at the Natural Sciences Campus.

Blended Course

  • - This is a form of Online+Offline blended course and the lectures are saved as in e+ recording lectures during offline lectures.
  • - Online lectures on i-campus give students the opportunity to pre-learn the course materials and offline lectures include learning of core contents and discussions.

Online Course

  • - The courses offer 100% online lectures on i-campus with the lectures filmed and produced in the Education Support Team’s studio.
  • - The lectures consist of various multimedia contents.
  • - Maximized learning experience through the use of online forums for announcements, lectures, discussions, assignments and learning materials.

Remote Video-Linked Course

  • - Real-time, two-way courses between the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus and Natural Sciences Campus
  • - Courses offered by popular professors
  • - Focused more on general education courses with larger class size.
  • - Lectures are saved as in e+ recording courses.

Signing in to the System

Students can sign in to i-campus with the same ID and password they use for GLS without making a separate account.

How to Register for Courses

Students may register for online courses the same way they register for regular courses.
(The courses are categorized as Online Courses, Blended Courses, and Save-Lecture Courses on the remarks section of the electronic schedule.)