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University College

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SKKU launched the University College in 2005 to systematically promote general and basic education, with a primary focus on liberal arts education and primary subjects. In addition, the University College helps first-year students to live a vivid and academic school life that is unique from their previous educational experiences.

The University College strives to create an educational environment in which students can continue to grow intellectually. Liberal Arts education is the primary intellectual preparation for students to successfully discover their preferred study field in the future, excel academically, and build professional skills through this well-tuned educational process.

We provide a curriculum that seeks to empower the student’s academic abilities to think, speak, and write with precision and depth, as well as their capacity to perceive and expose false reasoning. Furthermore, the University College provides various academic services and activities for first-year students to develop creative thinking and explore relevant paths at the next level.

Additionally, the University College has a unique mentoring system, called Sungkyun Mentor, which provides academic and individual counseling services to help students acclimatize to school life.

Administrative Office

Location :
2nd floor of Hoam Hall (Seoul Campus)
2nd floor of General Studies Building
(Suwon Campus)
Phone :
+82-2-760-0991~2 (Seoul Campus)
+82-31-299-4223~4 (Suwon Campus)