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The College of Science has been a leading school in the development of domestic schools of natural science and basic sciences and technologies. This is supported by the fact that the College of Science has been remarkably successful in winning the Brain Korea 21 (BK21) Project, which is one of the largest government-driven research support programs. We were also able to host the Nanostructure Physics Research Center of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS), which receives an annual research fund of 10 billion KRW from the government. These are just a part of our achievements demonstrating the rising status of the SKKU College of Science.

It is our belief that basic science will play a major role as a driving force to lead not only the nation, but the global society in the days to come, as it did in the past. We take pride in making the basic sciences in Korea the globally recognized standard. After all, what we create now will change our future!

Academic Programs

Academic Programs
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