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성균관대학교 로고

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성균관대학교 로고


Inbound Exchange Student Program

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The Exchange Student Program (ESP) is designed for international students from affiliated global universities. SKKU welcomes all students coming from around the globe to a challenging academic and unique cultural experience on our campus, where traditional and contemporary features are beautifully harmonized. SKKU is well-prepared to meet the academic needs of international students by providing a plethora of courses in foreign languages, the Regular Korean Program (RKP) and International Summer Semester (ISS) along with various intriguing cultural activities where you can experience Korea’s culture and history.

Office in Charge

SKKU’s Office of International Affairs(OIA) is the primary office responsible for the exchange program. In order to provide a well-organized academic experience to exchange students from partner universities, the OIA:

  • - Helps exchange students in the application process with visa application, online application, etc.
  • - Supplies course information, and helps students select and sign up for courses
  • - Organizes a special orientation and cultural/group activities in collaboration with GSN HI-CLUB
  • - Takes care of students’ everyday inquiries and requests
  • - Sends academic transcripts to exchange students’ home universities after they complete exchange study

Exchange Student Orientation and Cultural Activities

SKKU offers an orientation session for exchange students to help them adjust to life in the campus environment. During the orientation session students receive valuable information and insights needed for both academic and everyday life at SKKU. The main issues covered are: academic issues, course information and registration, housing plan and policies, and visa-related matters. This is followed by a brief campus tour and reception where students have a chance to get to know each other. SKKU’s Office of International Affairs The OIA also organizes cultural activities and social events for all exchange students. Through these events we aim to increase our students’ sense of globalization and multicultural understanding.

GSN HI-CLUB (Student Buddy Group)

SKKU’s Office of International AffairsThe OIA closely cooperates with the Global Student Network: Help & Information Club (GSN HI-CLUB), which is a volunteer student buddy group that helps and supports exchange students to adapt to living in Korea. HI-CLUB also organizes a number of cultural events where exchange and SKKU students can come together. It is one of the most valuable resources of help and information that is always accessible to exchange students.

Their main responsibilities are :

  • - To hold an orientation for exchange students in collaboration with the SKKU OIA
  • - To organize cultural events for exchange students
  • - To help students deal with academic and practical matters

Extension of Exchange

Period of exchange can be extended given that SKKU and the student host universities agree upon it. For application, an international exchange coordinator at the host university must officially confirm an exchange student’s intention of extending the exchange period by sending an email to their counterpart at SKKU. Request for the extension will be evaluated and considered based on the applicants’ performance in the previous semester(s).

International Summer Semester and Regular Korean Program for exchange students

The SKKU International Summer Semester (ISS) is an annual summer program that lasts for four weeks. It singles out the single most intriguing theme of the year, which is then threaded throughout every course to create a unique learning environment. Additionally, eminent professors from around the world share their knowledge and insights with the highly motivated international students of the SKKU ISS. A tuition waiver is given to exchange students taking part in the ISS before or after their regular exchange semester(s).
SKKU also provides exchange students with two types of Korean Language Courses: RKP (Regular Korean Program) and RKP for Exchange Students. A tuition waiver is provided for both programs to all exchange students.

International Officer in Charge

Myung bo Shim
Exchange Program Manager (Inbound)
Email :
Tel : 82-2-760-0155 / Fax : 82-2-760-0159


International Affairs (90212),
International Hall, Sungkyunkwan University, 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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