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Visiting Program

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The Visiting Student Program (VSP) is aimed at recruiting competent students from overseas universities not affiliated with SKKU. Visiting students will experience fruitful campus life at SKKU with other domestic and international students. Having more than 600 years of history and splendid culture, SKKU provides not only high-quality courses delivered by eminent professors and lecturers, but also unique campus ambience that you will not find at other universities in Korea. Both Korean students studying at foreign universities and international students are welcome to apply for the program.

Office in Charge

SKKU’s Office of International Affairs is mainly responsible for the visiting program and in charge of the following in an effort to provide well-organized academic and cultural programs

  • - Help visiting students’ application process: visa application, online application, etc.
  • - Supply course information, and help students select and sign up for courses
  • - Organize a special orientation and cultural/group activities
  • - Take care of students’ everyday enquiries and requests
  • - Send academic transcripts to visiting students’ home universities after finishing study

Differences from Exchange Student Program

As dormitory and tuition waivers are not provided to visiting students, they are required to arrange housing by themselves and pay for tuition by the given due date. Other than these two factors, visiting students will be given the same status as exchange students. Tuition amounts to approximately 3,500 USD per semester, with variances according to the student’s major and level of study.

Visiting Student Orientation

SKKU offers an orientation session for visiting students to help them adjust to life in Korea and the campus environment. The orientation covers: academic issues including course information and registration, housing plan and policies, visa-related matters, and so on. This is to be followed by a brief campus tour and reception where students can attain a chance to get to know each other. SKKU’s Office of International Affairsr also organizes cultures activities in which all visiting students are invited and get an opportunity to mingle. A series of event will increase your global awareness and multi-cultural understanding.

GSN HI-CLUB (Student Buddy Group)

SKKU’s Office of International Affairs closely cooperates with the Global Student Network: Help & Information Club (GSN HI-CLUB), which is a student buddy group that helps and supports visiting students to adapt to life in Korea. It also organizes a number of cultural events to give visiting and SKKU students time to interact.

Their main responsibilities are :

  • - To hold an orientation for exchange students in collaboration with the SKKU OIA
  • - To organize cultural events for exchange students
  • - To help students deal with academic and practical matters

Extension of Visit

Students intending to extend the visiting period are asked to submit the application form by the given due date.