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The SKKU academic-industrial cooperation group poses and utilizes an infrastructure consisting of researchers and equipment that is one of the highest levels among Korean universities and, through this, is making outstanding progress in R&D. Through establishing an active industry-university cooperation system, our goal is to maximize the outcome of our research, to effectively apply the university’s creative research output and knowledge, and to develop new problem-solving technologies and cultivate highly skilled professionals.

Goal of the academic-industrial cooperation group

  • - To promote academic-industrial cooperation as stated in the promotion of industrial education and academic-industrial cooperation law
  • - To support economic development and industry-based basic/applied research activities designed for academic-industrial cooperation between university, government and business
  • - To administer intellectual property(technology development/transfer)
  • - To manage technology transfer and commercialization and industry incubation
  • - To centrally supervise research and support funding from the central government and local governments
  • - To evaluate university-affiliated research institutes, and make policy reforms
  • - To organize the research integrity committee and the bioethics and biosafety committee
  • - To manage technology-holding companies
  • - To operate support projects for academic research funding and academic activity
  • - To oversee university leading TLO projects and leaders inindustry-university cooperationprojects



  • - 按照振兴产业教育和促进产学合作相关法律综合推展大学的产学合作事业
  • - 支持产业基础和应用研究所需要的大学和政府、企业之间的产学合作研究活动。
  • - 支持国家及自治体的研发项目及管理研究费
  • - 评价附设研究机构及改善制度
  • - 运营研究真实性委员会、生命伦理及生物安全委员会等
  • - 运营学术研究费及学术活动支持事业
  • - 管理产学合作知识产权(技术开发/技术转让)
  • - 主管技术转让及事业化、创业保育事业
  • - 运营大学先导TLO事业、产学合作先导大学培养事业
  • - 运营技术控股公司
Organization Chart