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VISION 2020 embodies every SKKU student’s dream, will, and destiny to make SKKU a global leading university. Our primary goals are to offer world-class education, produce exemplary research achievements, secure the university’s reputation in domestically and abroad, and emerge as a global hub university with the best knowledge and human resources network.

To successfully establish VISION 2020, SKKU will pursue ‘The 5 Core Strategies’ and ‘5 Divisional Strategies’.

The 5 Major Top Strategies are strategic, selection-and-concentration tasks that will help establish SKKU’s leading position in various fields, This in-turn will highlight SKKU’s unique color by promoting those that will raise SKKU’s competitiveness to a higher, global level.

The Strategic Tasks for 5 Major Areas are the general tasks that influence SKKU’s competitiveness. There are 55 strategic tasks over five major areas: Brand Power, Educational Innovation, Faculty/Research/Industry-University Cooperation, Innovative Management, and New Campus.

VISION 2020意味着是成均人作为要发展为名副其实名实相符的全球引领大学飞翔的成均人的梦想和意志。成均馆大学通过创造出世界水平的教育和研究成果,发展为拥有国内外认可的知识及人才网络的世界中心级大学。

为了实现VISION 2020,我们将实施五大Top战略和五大各部门战略课题



SKKU, the Proud Global University of Korea

Global Leading Iniversity
4 Major Objectives
Global Pewer Elite / Rerearch with Impac / Globally First Choice / Pride in Top
Strategic Directions
Procurement of Outstanding Human Resources (Manpower) / Creation of Convergence Synergy (Convergence) / Procurement of Ultimate Global Competitiveness (Global)
Strategic Tasks
  • Brand Power : Emergence into a great university with global power
  • Educational Innovation : Establishment of GPS education learning system
  • Management Innovation : Establishment of full range of vision-focused, innovative management foundations
  • New Campus : Establishment of a cultural-ecological hub of knowledge production that will lead the country and the human society