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Top 5 Core Strategies

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The 5 Core Strategies are strategic, selection-and-concentration tasks that will help establish SKKU’s leading position in various fields, and highlight SKKU’s unique color by promoting those that will raise SKKU’s competitiveness to a higher, global level. To develop as a global leading university, SKKU will implement, through selection and concentration, these strategies in the least amount of time possible and spread these approaches throughout all of its academic fields.

5 Top Core Strategies

5 Top Core Strategies

Global Top10
Promote of SKKU’s Global Top 10 academic fields
Virtual Global SKKU
Establish a creative educational environment that is based on Digilog
Core Faculty 10%
Increase the proportion of the core faculty to 10% (170 persons)
Smart SKKU Way
Establish own, unique core values and unSKKU’s iversity culture
Global Professional Education
Develop 10% of the undergraduate population into top global human resources