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5 Divisional Strategies

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The 5 Divisional Strategies are designed to target specific categories that will ultimately improve SKKU’s reputation and the way it operates.

Brand Power
Emergence as a great university with global power
  • - Assessment of Brand Power: Establishment and use of University Competitiveness Assessment System and a Differentiated & Dynamic Brand
  • - Systematic Brand Management
  • - Reorganization of brand strategy implementation organization and establishment of a global image improvement strategy
  • - Open SKKU Culture: Sharing and spreading of SKKU spirit and promotion of communications within the university in the least amount of time possible, as well as spreading these strategies throughout all of its academic fields.
Educational Innovation
Establishment of a Global, Professional, and Sustainable Education System
  • - Establishment of a future-oriented university system: use of the standardized title ‘College’ for the constituent parts of the University and installation of the Convergence Center to promote convergence of studies
  • - Increased synergy between academic, vocational, and professional tracks
  • - Practical application of cyber education
  • - Strengthened links and cooperation between colleges and campuses
  • - Strengthening of a virtuous cycle between undergraduate and graduate education
Education/Research/Industry-University Cooperation
A university that is well-acknowledged for its influential research
  • - Strategic promotion of the world’s top 10 academic fields
  • - Increased number of outstanding research human resources
  • - Increase number of core faculty and adoption of an advanced HR system
  • - Securement of research outcome practicality: establishment of a closely linked Industry-University Cooperation System, establishment of an R&D foundation, and commercialization of cluster-oriented technologies
Management Innovation
Establishment of a full range of vision-focused, innovative management foundations
  • - Establishment of a motivation-facilitating management system
  • - Establishment of a continuous-growth-oriented management system: establishment of a foundation for a responsibility-focused management system and maximization of knowledge value through Industry-University Cooperation
  • - User-Oriented Administrative Innovsation: development of customer-oriented services and establishment of SKKU administration’s brand
New Campus
Establishment of a cultural-ecological hub of knowledge production that will lead the country and society
  • - Openness
  • - Creativity
  • - Sustainability
  • - International Standard