Graduate School of Governance (GSG)



Old Sungkyunkwan served as the highest national education institute and the center for the promotion and dissemination of governing philosophy. GSG maintains Sungkyunkwan's spirit.

GSG is a specialty graduate program adopted to bring about the paradigm change from Bureaucratic Government to a Governance paradigm.

GSG is composed of combining the Master's course and Doctoral course in public administration in general graduate studies and master's course in a special graduate program.

GSG serves as a trainer of core elites, a Think Tank as an agent of social change agent and is based on the Governance Paradigm. It forms a Network and bridge into national administration. GSG has contributed in improving an enterprise environment and promoting international competitiveness with accelerated efficiency design and management of government authorization. GSG has played a key role as an educational institution in South Korea, such institutions such as the J. F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and ENA in France.

The goal of Graduate School of Governance is that it produces scholar who harmonize ideals with reality and a persons of practical mind. GSG serves as a "Think Tank" which finds a solution to the public matters and seeks to have a unitive(synthetic) vision including cross-disciplinary analysis and study through the "Academy of Governance Studies". GSG promotes change in society through social participation and service to the State through the research and education.


GSG cultivates students of leaders and statesman in here with such schools as the J. F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and ENA in France.

GSG is rich in human capital(ministers of 8 members , the directors of a bureau of 70 members, the professors and researchers of 50 members , a provincial governor, 4 members of vice- minister, administrative official of 240 members).

The Graduate School of Governance has been selected as an agency of BK21 in public administration. - 'BK21 Governance Program' As a result, GSG has an excellent reputation for the Specialty Graduate Program in public administration. As a result of BK21, the Governance Program at GSG can provide scholarships opportunities to master's students and doctor's students.

Internally, GSG provides students with scholarship and various work study programs such as research assistant, teaching assistant, research worker and Internships in citizens' groups.

The classes are operated on a full time bases and are conducted during the day and night. Teaching methodology constitutes team teaching, cooperative learning, Cyber lectures.

When you complete master's degree you can take a master's degree and a doctor's degree in public administration through each course work. Admission to GSG, Female students and Science & Engineering students will be treated favorably, in accordance to GSG affirmative action program and promotion of sciences and engineering.

GSG gives preference to students who embrace greater self-development who are pioneers of change.


GSG trains leaders who can and will make cooperation from the government -the civil society - the market.

- Subjects on governance:
Governance and the Government -the civil society - the market.
Seminar on a Nation development & Strategy in globalization.

GSG supports and trains students as integrated specialist by linking the curriculum and research areas.
- Subjects on training ability and Quality as Public leadership qualities:
public value & consciousness, leadership of governance, volunteer activities, self-control experience.

GSG supports and trains students as scholars who harmonize ideals with reality and a persons of practical mind.
- Subjects for Improving Management Capacity:
Diversity management, Knowledge management, Performance management. Communication Skill, Understanding and Strategy of Negotiation, Discussion of Governance