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School of Natural Sciences
The School of Natural Sciences provides students with the fundamental training in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology - all which is necessary for the advanced study. Within the broad framework of science, the students of the School of Natural Sciences have an opportunity of pursuing a double major. In an annual evaluation conducted by the Korean government since 1992, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Departments were all selected for the Department of Excellence Awards in 1992, 1993 and 1994 respectively. In 1993, the Institute of Natural Sciences, an affiliate of the School, was designated as a center of Excellence and received the government funding of about 400 million Korean won that year.

Distinguished Faculty
World-leading faculty members for global education
75.0 % of faculty members obtained Ph. D. from abroad, 63.8% of faculty members obtained Ph. D. from the U.S. Total SCI publication 407 papers in year 2007. Each faculty member published 5.89 papers a year (69 faculty members in total)
Professor PARK, TU-SON in Physics department unveiled the secret of high temperature superconducting phenomenon(Nature, 2008)
Professor PARK, SEOK-HEE was nominated as a leading investigator in National Research Laboratory Program in 2007
Professor KIM, CHEORL-HO and nominated as a leading investigator in National Research Laboratory Program in 2008
Professor LEE, YOUNG-HEE developed "smart alloy" by combining aluminum and CNT (Estimated economic value : 550 million USD
Professor SONG, CHOONG-EUI selected as a highly-cited scientist in the top 30 professors
Professor PARK, JE-GEUN published a paper "giant magneto- elastic coupling in multiferroic hexagonal manganites" (Nature, 2008)
SKKU Fellowship, 2007
Professor LEE, YOUNG-HEE in physics department and professor SON, SEONGUK in chemistry department were selected for their outstanding research achievements
Professor PARK, JE-GEUN in physics department was selected as the Fellow of the Institute of Physics in the U.K.
Global Research Laberatory(GRL) Program
Professor Dong-Ki Lee established the joint research program with Harvard Medical school for "the development of medicine for the liver cancer based on RAN manipulation", which will be supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, corresponding to 4.5 million USD for the next 9 years
Excellent Students
Samsung Scholarship Program (20 students 2007, 48 students 2008)
Awards for excellent students
Research activity of undergraduate students was recognized by prestigious awards: The Ministry of Education Award and The President Award (2 SCI papers published and 2 international presentations)
Scholarships for outstanding students (33.7 million USD collected for Natural Science Division from donation)
Specialized Curriculum
Curriculum for global competition
Undergraduate and Graduate programs in Natural Science Division supply the high standard education programs for the global competition
English lectures for foreign students
25% of undergraduate courses and 35% of graduate courses
Special-Care programs for foreign students
The course-roadmap for foreign students
The advisor faculty board for foreign students
Research Funding
The total research funding in the Natural Science Division is over 15 million USD
Natural Science Division has 4 colossal programs supported by Brain Korea 21 Project. The total research funding from this project solely corresponds to 3 million USD (Ranked first nationwide in Brain Korea 21 Project)
SKKU Department of Energy Science(chair: Professor Young-Hee Lee) will be founded through WCU(World Class University) program.
The Institute for New Functional Nano-Materials has been supported by Korea Research Foundation. The total research funding supported by this program is 0.7 million USD annually.
Core Programs
Special-Care Program for Foreign Students
The advisor faculty board for foreign students consultation on courses, future career plan, and life
Tutorial program for small group consultation and support to overcome the language and cultural barriers
University-Level Program (UP)
High school students can take several undergraduate courses before their entrance to the University. The pre-taken course credits will be included in their total sum of eligible credits
Small Group Study
Small group study is encouraged and financially supported by Natural Science Division
Interdisciplinary courses combining Physics and Chemistry
The synergic effect in education and research directions could be obtained by establishing the interdisciplinary courses combining complementary courses such as Physics and Chemistry. The fusion of two disciplines will supply an impetus to our effort to be the world-class research and educational institute Energy Science
Top interdisciplinary graduate school
World Class University grant from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
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