2022 World’s Top 1% Highly Cited Researcher in 10 Fields (Korea No.1) and 9 Researchers (Korea No.2) 2022.11.21
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2022 World’s Top 1% Highly Cited Researcher in 10 Fields (Korea No.1) 

and 9 Researchers (Korea No.2)

According to the 2022 World’s Top 1% HCR selection result announced by Clarivate, SKKU tied for first place in the research field (10 fields, tie with UNIST) and second place in the number of researchers (9 people) among the research institutions of Korea.

HCR (Highly Cited Researcher) refers to the top 1% of researchers selected with the number of top 1% papers in the standard of citation counts, also known as HCP (Highly Cited Paper).

In 2022 Korea’s HCR, 63 people from 70 fields have been selected, which includes: 10 people (10 fields) from UNIST, 9 people (10 fields) from SKKU, 8 people (9 fields) from SNU, 5 people (7 fields) from Korea University, 5 people (6 fields) from Hanyang University, 4 people (4 fields) from Yonsei University.

The 2022 HCRs from SKKU are △HCR Distinguished Chair Professor Nam-Gyu Park (Head of SKKU Advanced Institute of Energy Sciences, Chemistry/Material Science, 6 years consecutive) △HCR Distinguished Chair Professor Young Hee Lee (IBS Nano-structure Physics Research Group Leader, Cross-field, 5 years consecutive) △HCR Distinguished Chair Professor Myung Ju Ahn (Clinical Medicine, 4 years consecutive) △HCR Distinguished Chair Professor Keunchil Park (Clinical Medicine, 3 years consecutive) △Distinguished Chair Professor Dong In Kim (Cross-field, 2 years consecutive) △Professor Jin-Wook Lee (Cross-field, 2 years consecutive) △Professor Muhammad Khan (Computer Sciences, 2 years consecutive) △Professor Ho Young Lim (Cross-field) △Professor Jechan Lee (Cross-field).

Prof. Nam-Gyu Park, being selected as HCR for 6 years consecutively, is the researcher of perovskite solar cells and the honored recipient of Citation Laureate (World’s Top 0.01% researcher), a lifetime unique glory, and Hoam awardee of 2018. He is evaluated as the first Korean Novel Chemistry award nominee. HCR Distinguished Chair Professor Young Hee Lee is the leader of the IBS Nano-structure Physics Research Group and is a world-level expert in nano-materials, being selected as the first Korean honored scientist of the Chinese Academy of Science.

In addition, the other three HCR professors of SKKU are new researchers appointed in recent 4 years. Prof. Jin-Wook Lee (SKKU Advanced Institute of Nano Technology, appointed in September 2019) is currently researching the development of optoelectronic devices using organic/inorganic composite semiconductor materials (solar cells, light-emitting diodes, memory devices, etc.). Prof. Muhammad Khan (School of Convergence, appointed in February 2022) is researching the digital content field (medical image analysis, fire site analysis, image monitoring, etc.), and Prof. Jechan Lee (School of Civil, Architectural Engineering and Landscape Architecture, appointed in August 2022) is researching thermochemical waste recycling/upcycling technology.

President Dong Ryeol Shin, said, “I am very proud that SKKU has been recognized as a global research-oriented university where world-class scholars conduct research in various fields ranging from nanomaterials, solar cells, medicine, software, and environmental engineering. We will continue to provide active support to produce Nobel Prize winners at SKKU.”

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Joonmo Cho, who generalizes personnel management of researchers, said, “The world's top 1% researchers have more than doubled over the past 4 years through personnel management and recruitment of excellent new researchers to improve the performance of key researchers on campus. SKKU will continue to fulfill its role in contributing to the global community by raising faculty performance management to the level of the world's leading university under the banner of Global & Quality.”

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