Ah-Hyun Kim and Won-Hee Yoo (Economics) publish papers in a top Q1 SSCI Journal 2024.06.03
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Ah-Hyun Kim and Won-Hee Yoo (Economics) publish papers in a top Q1 SSCI Journal

▲ (left) Professor Doo-Jin Ryu, Ah-Hyun Kim and Won-Hee Yoo (Economics) 

Undergraduate students, Ah-Hyun Kim and Won-Hee Yoo from the Department of Economics have each published a paper in the Borsa Istanbul Review (Impact Factor 5.2), a top-tier SSCI journal in the Business/Finance field, published by Elsevier. Ah-Hyun Kim's paper, titled "Evolving roles of Energy Futures Markets: A Survey," provides a comprehensive bibliometric analysis of research topics related to energy-related derivatives. This work was conducted in collaboration with Robert Webb, a research professor at the University of Virginia and a senior research fellow at the Institute of Economic Research. Won-Hee Yoo's paper, "ESG Activities and Financial Stability: The Case of Korean financial firms," employs panel analysis to demonstrate the positive impact of ESG activities on the stability of financial institutions in South Korea.

Both students are involved as undergraduate researchers at the Global Finance Research Center of Sungkyunkwan University's Institute of Economic Research, led by Professor Doo-Jin Ryu. They are currently enrolled in Professor Ryu's research credit program and WAVE classes. Won-Hee Yoo expressed joy over the publication of her first paper in an SSCI journal and mentioned ongoing collaborative research on corporate social responsibility (CSR) with Professor Ryu and visiting research professor Jens Müller-Merbach from Germany. She hopes to present this research at an international conference. Ah-Hyun Kim noted that it is rare for a survey paper to be published in an SSCI journal. She credited the extensive bibliometric analysis methods learned at the Institute of Economic Research for her success and mentioned a collaborative project on machine learning with Alexander Webb, a doctoral candidate at the University of Wollongong. Kim plans to present this research in Australia and the United States through the program.

The publication details of the papers are as follows:

Kim, A., Ryu, D., Webb, R.I. (2024). Evolving roles of energy futures markets: A Survey. Borsa Istanbul Review (SSCI), In-press, Elsevier.

Cho, S.Y., Ryu, D., You, W. (2024). ESG activities and financial stability: The case of Korean financial firms. Borsa Istanbul Review (SSCI), In-press, Elsevier.

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