Skkrypto Won the Grand Prize at the 2018 Gyeonggi Block Chain Hackerton Competition 2018.09.11
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Skkrypto, which was selected as a best club by the WE-UP Center, won the grand prize at the 2018 Gyeonggi Block Chain Hackerton Competition. This competition was held on Aug 29th at Gyeonggi Economic Innovation Center in order to find out and demonstrate ideas for block chain start-up and solving social issues. 80 people (25 teams) including students, employees, and pre-founders who were interested in the block chain field participated in the event and 6 teams won the prize.

Skkrypto had been preparing the "2018 Gyeonggi Block Chain Hackerton Competition" over the summer vacation and won the grand prize for developing a system that can easily handle complaints at buses based on block chains. 

Skkrypto is a society composed of a variety of people who are interested in the block chain technology and would like to study more in the field. The group aims to lowering the barriers throughout the society for entering block chains. 

Even though Skkrypto started its full-scale activities in this March, it has been showing continuous achievement such as receiving an silver prize in the "IoT & Blockchain security Hacker Tone" hosted by KISA, Samsung Electronics, and SKT held in June 2018. 
Prof. Sung Ho HWANG (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering) who is a chair of the WE-UP center said, "I was very surprised at the students' passion and commitment to the block chain technology. I hope they can continuously build their career related this field even after graduation.”

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