The University College held the 2018 Freshman Guide Workshop 2018.11.30
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The University College (Dean Hong Jun YOO) held the 2018 Freshman Guide Workshop at the 600th Anniversary Building in Humanities and Social Sciences campus on Friday, November 23.

A total of 95 students including the Freshman Guide (FG) students attended this event, and 6 group activities were conducted to promote communication and enhance cooperation between the two campuses.

FG is a social group of students belonging to the University College for freshmen entering into four big majors. It is responsible for providing supports such as holding orientations for newcomers to help them prepare for a school life. Also, during the semester, it plays a role in facilitating the promotion of the event of ‘LC (Learning Community) Athletics Day’ and ‘University College Day’.
“Thanks to the all of the FG students who actively participated in preparation of the event. It was very meaningful event and went well. FG will also support for the welcoming ceremony for new students during this winter vacation,” said student Chae Hong LEE and Jung Hyun LEE who hosted the event.

2018학년도 학부대학 Freshman Guide Workshop 행사 성료
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