SKKU AORC concludes MOU with Zhejiang Normal University’s CDM 2019.01.04
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SKKU’s Applied Algebra and Optimization Research Center (hereafter AORC) signed an agreement with Zhejiang Normal University’s Center for Discrete Mathematics (hereafter CDM) for a joint research on December 27th, 2018.

AORC is a science research center (SRC) established under the sponsorship of the Korean government with the purpose of becoming the leading institute of research in the field of applied algebra and optimization. Its focus is on the development of efficient algorithm to be used in various applicable areas, and performing researches on the theory of matrix, combinatorial analysis, network/graph and optimization.


Zhejiang Normal University’s CDM was established in 2010 as a platform to participate in projects sponsored by the Chinese government and to promote joint research on theories of graph, combinatorial analysis and network optimization. CDM is currently performing its role as the platform that carries out projects sponsored by Zhejiang province and the Ministry of Education in China.

20 professors who are well-known in this field are currently participating as researchers and each year more than 20 researchers are visiting CDM. It holds 2~3 international workshops every year and biennially a symposium is held under the topic “Graph theory, combinatorial analysis and its application”.

In addition, CDM is strengthening international cooperation with global research centers. CDM has signed a MOU with SKKU after agreeing to have research cooperation with Charles University’s DIMATIA center (Czech Republic) and Renyi Institute of Mathematics (Hungary). AORC and CDM will perform a joint research on graph theory and network optimization.

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