SKKU held IoT Experience Program during Winter break 2019.02.08
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On January 22nd and 29th,SKKU has held an IoT Experience program with the topic: “Understanding IoT technology and business” at the Raemian Gallery, Seoul. This program was organized by SKKU “The Knowledge Center for Innovative Higher Education” and IoT UNIC from LINC+ organization. It was part of a field education to learn and experience business at a corporate environment off-campus.

Third and fourth year students from both liberal art and natural science disciplines participated in the first day of the program to learn IoT technologies and experience smart home lab in the Raemian Gallery. On the second day, they spent time to debate on the issue of the problems and limitations of IoT technology when it is applied in real life. Employees from Samsung joined this meeting to review and apply the suggested ideas. 

Prof. Yong Suk KIM (Information and Communication Engineering) said, “The ideas suggested by students are very useful for the companies. I believe students have learned a lot in this corporate environment.”

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