President and Chairman of Board of Ibn Haldun University visited SKKU 2019.04.18
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Ibn Haldun University’s Chairman of Board and President visited SKKU on April 17th along with a group of members to discuss ways to promote academic cooperation. They have met with President Dong Ryeol SHIN and group of professors (Vice-President of International Affairs and Dean of College of Social Sciences).

As a first step, two universities signed an agreement on academic cooperation. The detail of the agreement are as follows:

▷Student Exchange: Exchange Program, ISS (International Summer School) Program, Joint-Degree/Dual-Degree Program

▷Faculty Exchange: Exchange in areas of Asian/Korean Politics, Korean Culture/Language

Ibn Haldun University (Turkey) is a new university established in 2015, but it has set its vision to become a pure Humanities-Social Science university and has adopted a policy of education focused on graduate studies (over 60% of the students enrolled in graduate program) and trilingualism.

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