“AI is the future language” – President SHIN’s interview with Ajou Economy 2019.09.02
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SKKU students are getting familiar with AI. President Dong Ryeol SHIN is striving to implant ‘AI DNA’ to the students in preparation for the coming age of 4th industrial revolution. 


President SHIN decided to open a course on AI for humanities students after receiving an email from a student soon after he was announced as the new president of SKKU. Students learn how to operate “Convolutional Neural Network” and watch the online lecture from Stanford University “cs231n” in preparation for discussions during class. 


President SHIN pointed MIT and Stanford University as the benchmark models for software, data and AI education. Two universities are leading AI education for students in humanities/social science disciplines. President SHIN believes that AI can be a new hope for liberal arts colleges. He gave the case of translating literature as an example, “Before, the computer could not distinguish the terms with similar pronunciation. But the AI can read the context and provide an appropriate translation for the word”.


The president stressed online lecture as the medium of AI education. He was inspired by the MOOC program which is an online open lecture that incorporates both online and offline education. He thinks that the lecture will shift from the professor-centered to student-centered system. AI is a tool that will help the transformation. SKKU is planning to open an AI center and let all students take courses on AI. SKKU had already implemented mandatory software education to students in 2016 and operates ‘Global C-School’ to train students in software application skills.


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