School of Business opens a special course on python programming for professors 2019.10.07
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SKKU School of Business announced that it has opened a special course on python programming to enhance the research capabilities of its professors.

Professors have joined the special course voluntarily to actively adopt AI education in preparation for the upcoming era of 4th industrial revolution. The school invited professor Yoosung KIM from the College of Software to teach the course. The course will run for 6 weeks. 

Professors will learn the practical skills and theories such as control statement, data structure, function and object-oriented programming. 

One of the professors who joined the special course expressed, “My goal is to be able to analyze the texts in the equity statement and public announcements published by companies using the python program. I am planning to incorporate python programming for my courses starting next semester.”

Dean Yongjune KIM said, “I thank all the professors who joined the course despite the busy schedule. We hope to work together to help our students be prepared for the new era.”

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