SKKU's Student Team (Carbonium) Won a Grand Prize at the 4th Mobius Developers Contest 2020.09.14
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SKKU’s Student Team (Carbonium) Won a Grand Prize at the 4th Mobius Developers Contest Organized by Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)

SKKU's student team (Carbonium), won a grand prize at the 4th Mobius developers contest organized by Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI). There were a leader (Byung-seop Kim) and four members (Jung-hoon Park, Dong-won Jeong, Young-ki Noh, and Tae-eui Moon) in the team, and an adjunct professor Doo-won Lee supervised them.


Mobius, developed by KETI, is the world’s first open source IoT platform developed based on oneM2M, an international standard. It has the world-class compatibility and the advantage of being able to easily and conveniently develop. In particular, Mobius 3.0, which was released in October 2019, is an enhanced version of its support for reliability and big data analysis, and is used by more than 970 companies and institutions around the world for a number of public and corporate projects.

The team Carbonium received the grand prize for developing a service that facilitates companies’ carbon emission trading by calculating greenhouse gas emissions and predicting emissions by artificial intelligence (AI) through Mobius platform.

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