Prof. Ju Young Shin’s Research Team Won “Ronald D. Mann Best Paper Award 2020.09.16
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Prof. Ju Young Shin’s Research Team Won “Ronald D. Mann Best Paper Award

Prof. Ju Young Shin and Researcher In Sun Oh and Researcher Han Eol Jeong from the SKKU's School of Pharmacy receive an award, “Honorable Mention” which ranks 2nd among “Ronald D. Mann Best Paper Awards” of the Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety (PDS).

PDS is the official journal of the International Society for Pharacoepidemiology and has established itself as the most prestigious journal in the field of drug mechanics.

The “Ronald D. Mann Best Paper Award” is a traditional award that has been held annually since 2001, selecting the three most influential studies by academic editors and executives of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology from all the researches published in the PDS during the year.

Prof. Ju Young Shin’s research team was selected from more than 200 paper published in 2019. It means more because it is the first Korean research team to win a prize among all the winners and the second in Asia after Taiwan.

Prof. Ju Young Shin’s team, along with world-renowned researchers on pharmacodynamics at McGill University in Canada, published a study on how to overcome the “immeasurable time bias” that occur when information of drug use of hospitalized patients is unknown in drug epidemiological studies using health and medical big data in 2019.

This research’s academic journal was published online on the PDS in August 2019 and published in the 28th edition of the journal. The three award-winning papers will be posted on the main screen of the journal’s homepage for a year.

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