Quantum Information Research Support Center, Holds an Online Seminar of Quantum Computing Education with Amazon Web Serv 2020.11.18
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Quantum Information Research Support Center, Holds an Online Seminar of Quantum Computing Education with Amazon Web Service (AWS) 

- Expert of AWS headquarter introduces and demonstrates Amazon Braket, Cloud quantum computing service

- Provide hand-on education where they can experience the technology of quantum computing for pre-registrants

The Quantum Information Research Support Center (Director Yeon-Wook Jeong) announced that it will hold a free webinar of quantum computing education with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Korean researchers and students on November 20 (Fri).

The webinar, which aims to promote the use of quantum computing technology and expand its base, will feature experts from AWS, a cloud platform widely introduced around the world, as lecturers to introduce the concept of quantum computing, related services, and how to utilize it.

Quantum computing has the potential to solve computational problems that are not possible with conventional problems that are not possible with conventional computers by using the law of quantum mechanics to process information in new ways. This approach is likely to revolutionize areas such as energy storage, chemical engineering, material science, drug discovery, process optimization and machine learning (ML). However, today’s quantum computing application remains in studies in proof of concept with limited practicality.

One of the obstacles to expanding the utilization of quantum computing is that most organizations have difficulty accessing practical quantum computing technologies. Organizations that are not given the opportunity to acquire relevant competencies find it difficult to know how to design, build, and apply quantum computing algorithms. This is especially true when it is intended to evaluate early-stage technologies with different development, simulation, and test environments.

The cloud quantum computing education at the Quantum Information Research Support Center aims to enhance the understanding of quantum computing among existing researchers as well as college and high school students who will become future talents, and to educate them on how to actually utilize it for research or development. In particular, in this webinar, AWS experts will introduce and demonstrate the functions of Amazon Bracket. Additionally, hands-on education will be held only for pre-registrants so that they can experience the Amazon bracket in person.

To register the webinar is available on https://bit.ly/3psdRzZ from Nov 16 (Mon) ~ Nov 18 (Wed).

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