"Trends in Digital Economy and Finance" Keynote and special lectures on Friday May 13th 2022.05.10
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Trends in Digital Economy and Finance 

Keynote and Special Lectures

[Photo 1] Executive Vice President, Joonmo Cho, Dean of College of Economics Sunghyun Kim, Professor Doojin Ryu (Department of Economics)

[Photo 2] Prof. Geert Bekaert, Dr. Richard Peterson, Prof. Robert Webb, Prof. Jonathan Batten,

Prof. Robert Parham, Vice President Anders Karlsson, Prof. Bart Frijns, Prof. David McMillan

Academic Affairs Division (Executive Vice President Joonmo Cho) and BK21 Education Research Center of Department of Economics Professor Doojin Ryu are to hold “2022 SKKU International Conference: Trends in Digital Economy and Finance” with professors from prestigious global universities and prominent figures from the financial industry on the Keynote and Tutorial Sessions on May 13th, 8 A.M. 

This special conference will be part of SKKU’s “Globalization of Undergraduate and Graduate Education.” It will introduce the latest topics in the fields of Finance and Financial Economics so that undergraduates and MBA students can also easily understand.

The first session begins at 8 A.M., with an opening speech from Professor Sunghyun Kim (Dean, College of Economics). Then, Professor Geert Bekaert (Chief Editor, Journal of Banking & Finance (SSCI) and Columbia University Business School) will discuss “Emerging markets in a globalizing world,” and Dr. Richard Peterson, the CEO of MarketPsych (Refinitiv, formerly Thomson-Reuters) and also a psychiatrist (M.D.), will talk about “Developing an AI system for forecasting stock prices.”

The session also includes speeches from Professor Robert Webb (Paul Tudor Jones II Research Professor, University of Virginia) about “The nexus between cash and futures markets,” Professor Jonathan Batten (Chief Editor, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money (SSCI)) about “Foreign exchange price manipulation,” and Professor Robert Parham (UVA McIntire School of Commerce) about “Is news really news? The effects of selective disclosure regulations.”

After lunch, Anders Karlsson the Vice President of Elsevier, the publisher of the most prominent global academic journals, will talk about “Digital economy and finance: The big picture around research trends,” Francis Oh (Manger of Hong Kong district, Qraft, the first to list an AI exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)) will discuss “The future of AI in asset management,” Professor Bart Frijns (Chief Editor, Journal of Futures Markets (SSCI)) will talk about “Cultural diversity among directors and corporate social responsibility,” and Professor David McMillan (University of Stirling in U.K.) will discuss “The predictive power of the oil variance risk premium.”

Students, faculty and alumni, and staff can all participate by the below Webex link for free, and details on the conference, keynote, and tutorial sessions are in the attached file.

※ Webex Link: http://skku-ict.webex.com/meet/webextemp61

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