2022 World Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest Completed Successfully 2022.08.01
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2022 World Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest Completed Successfully

- 30 Winners from 6 Regional Competitions around the World Participated in the Finals Online/Offline

- Experienced Korean History and Culture for 3 Nights and 4 Days

[Figure 1] 2022 World Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest

SKKU Office of International Relations (Vice President Hyun Soon Park) invited the winners of the Sungkyun Korean Writing regional competition held in 6 regions over the past 3 years from July 25 to 28 and held a ‘2022 World Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest’ and invitation events.

A total of 19 people participated in the invitation event as part of the benefits of regional competitions, and participants from all over the world gathered to communicate and interact with Korean and to enhance their understanding of Korea. The participants are foreign students majoring in Korean in each country or studying in Korea, and they had time to improve their understanding of Korean history, society, and culture through various programs such as visiting DMZ, broadcasting station, media/K-beauty special lectures, and temple stay for 3 nights and 4 days.

[Figure 2] Participants visiting the DMZ area

Nguyen Tien Huy (VNU University of Languages and International Studies), who participated in the Southeast Asian region, expressed his gratitude, saying, “This was my first visit to Korea, and thanks to SKKU, I was able to have a beautiful and valuable experience. I am happy to make many multinational friends for the first time and it is sad that the time went by so quickly.”

[Figure 3] (Left) Topic announcement / (Right) Group photo of the participants

On July 26 (Tue), the ‘2022 World Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest’, the final of the Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest was held, with a total of 30 regional representatives participating both online and offline to compete in Korean writing under the theme of ‘Sharing’.

The judges commented, “Since it was a competition where talented people representing their region, not only the writing was excellent, but the vocabulary and sentence expression were outstanding, and the participants’ level of Korean language and understanding of Korean culture was increasing day by day.”

Jin Qingmei (Sun Yat-Sen University) won first place in this contest. The judges explained the reason for selecting the winner, saying, “The overall composition and introduction of the article were quite impressive, and the vocabulary was natural and the literary expression was the best.”

The winners of the Global Contest will be exempted from all tuition fees for visiting students (1 semester) or master’s (4 semesters) as their benefits. The winners can choose either bachelor’s or master’s benefits depending on their career path.

This privilege not only provides an opportunity for students to take a leap forward toward their dreams by continuing their studies with the Korean language but also actively attracts outstanding students from around the world to SKKU to foster future global leaders. About 40 scholarship students who have studied at SKKU so far through the ‘Social Contribution Project’ are currently working as diplomats, scholars, and educators, serving as a bridge between Korea and their home countries.

You can find more information or check previous award-winning works on the Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest website (https://hangul.skku.edu).

[Figure 4] Participants at Humanities and Social Sciences Campus after finishing their last schedule

○ Winners of the 2022 World Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest


○ Introduction video of Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest


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