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Prof. Jae Do Nam's research team (Functional nanocomposite lab., first author Uiseok Hwang) developed polymer-based comp 2022.06.23
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Smart polymer-based composites for 

frequency-selective electromagnetic interference shielding

- Demonstration of frequency-selective electromagnetic wave absorption mechanism

- Promising candidate for novel aerospace materials technology

[Photo] Prof. Jae Do Nam / Uiseok Hwang

Professor Jae Do Nam's research team (Functional nanocomposite lab., first author Uiseok Hwang) developed polymer-based composites with frequency-selective electromagnetic shielding (EMI) capabilities and presented a new breakthrough in aerospace material technologies such as stealth aircraft, satellites, etc.

Recently, as various electromagnetic (EM) waves exist over a broad frequency spectrum generated from electronic devices, autonomous vehicles, and 5G communication, there is a need for a material capable of selectively shielding EM waves of the desired frequency range. Unfortunately, such technology has rarely been reported because most EMI shielding materials exhibit low-frequency selectivity.

[Research photo]

The research team found that when spherical particles with wave-reflecting and -absorbing abilities are mixed and applied as polymer-based composites, EM waves in different frequency ranges can be selectively absorbed depending on their mixing ratio and arrangement in the matrix.

The composite materials presented in this study can be used as Radar Absorbing Materials (RAMs) for stealth aircraft. The materials can selectively shield the undesirable EM waves in enemy radar frequency ranges and transmit them in telecommunication frequency ranges, enabling the pilots to smoothly communicate without device malfunction and detection from the enemy.

This work was supported by projects from the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research/AOARD and Center for Composite Materials & Concurrent Design (Director Prof. Jonghwan Suhr) and published as a front cover in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A (IF: 12.732), a prominent international journal in the field of materials research.

[Research Overview] Aperture control in polymer-based composites and frequency-selective EM wave absorption characteristics

[Journal Front Cover]

※ Title: Aperture control in polymer-based composites with hybrid core-shell spheres for frequency-selective electromagnetic interference shielding
※ DOI: https://doi.org/10.1039/D2TA00045H

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