Organizational Chart

조직도 조직도
Natural Science Campus
  • College of Science

    • Institute of Basic Sciences
      • Institute of Basic Sciences
      • Creativity Research Center
      • Creative Research Institute for Quantum Materials & Superconductivity
      • Research Institute of Nano-Bio Convergence
      • Institute of Space Science & Technology
      • Institute of Mathematical Science
      • Applied Alegbra & Optimization Research Center (AORC)
      • Center for Immune Research on Non-lymphoid Organs(CIRNO)
      • Research Institute of Chemical Convergence
    • College of Science Administrative Office

    School of Pharmacy

    • Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy
    • Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
      • Institute of Global New Medicine
      • Drug Manufacturing Technology Support Center
      • Research Center for Epigenome Regulation
    • School of Pharmacy Administrative Office
  • College of Information & Communication Engineering

    • IT Convergence Research Institute
      • Institute of Information & Communication Technology
      • Industrial Electronics Application Center
      • Game Technology Development Center
      • Intelligent Systems Research Center / Human Resource Development Center for Information & Communication Technology of Power Supply
      • Wireless Energy Harvesting & Telecommunications Research Center
      • Human Resource Development Center for Electrical Equipment Design Technology for Direct Current Electric Supply
      • Clean Air Research Center
      • IT Accelerator Engineering Research Center
      • Analog RF Circuit & System Research Center
      • Human ICT Convergence Research Center
    • College of Information & Communication Engineering Administrative Office

    College of Biotechnology & Bioengineering

    • Institute of Biotechnology & Bioengineering
      • Biocosmetics Research Center/
        Research Center for Biologics/
        Antibody Engineering Research Center/
        Clinical Nutrition Research Center (CNRC)/
        Food Flavor Sensory Research Center (FFSRC)
    • College of Biotechnology & Bioengineering Administrative Office
  • College of Computing & Informatics

    • Graduate School of Information and Communications
    • Convergence Research Institute/
      Institute for Ubiquitous Computing Technology /
      Interaction Science Research Center
    • Sungkyun Software Education Center
    • Sunkyun Open Source Software Center
    • College of Computing & Informatics Administrative Office

    College of Sport Science

    • Research institute for Fitness & Sport Science
    • College of Sport Science Administrative Office
  • College of Engineering

    • Graduate School of Water Resources (Professional Graduate Program)
    • Graduate School of Technology Management
    • Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship
    • Global Engineering Insitute for Ultimate Society (GENIUS)
      • Institute of Convergent Chemical Engineering and Technology
      • Institute of Advanced Machinery & Technology
      • Institute of Polymer Technology
      • Construction & Environmental Research Center
      • Center for Quality Innovation
      • Center for Zero-Emission Environmental Facilities
      • Advanced Materials Technology Research Center
      • Robotics Engineering Research Center
      • Smart Green City Lab
      • NU-SKKU Joint Research Center for Plasma-Nanomaterials
      • Interface Research Center
      • Korean Chemical Research Institute – SKKU Joint Research Center
      • Sungkyun Architecture Insititute
      • Smart Future Appliances Research Center
      • Safety & Structural Integrity Research Center
      • Advanced Materials & Process Research Center for IT
      • Micro-Electronic Packaging Research Center
      • Center for Advanced Plasma Surface Technology
      • Smart Convergence Design Institute
      • Creative Design Institute
      • Energy Frontier Research Institute
      • Center for Next-Generation Convergent Energy Storage Technology
      • Multidisciplinary Research Center for Next-Generation Automobiles
      • Research Institute for Ultra-Small Device Manufacturing Technology
      • Self-assembled Macromolecules Discovery Research Center
    • College of Engineering Administrative Office
  • University-Affiliated Research Insitute

    • Theranostic Macromolecules Research Center
    • Institute for Renewable Eco-Friendly Concrete Research
  • Content Manager