Organizational Chart

조직도 조직도
Administrative Offices
  • Planning and Coordination Division

    • Office of Strategy & Planning
    • Office of Budget Planning
    • Office of Risk Management, Ethics and Compliance
    • Office of Performance Analysis
    • Subsidiary Institutions
    • Knowledge Center for Innovative Higher Education

    Admissions Division

    • Office of Admissions

    International Affairs Division

    • Office of International Relations
    • Office of International Student Services
    • Subsidiary Educational
    • Sungkyun Language Institute
  • Academic Affairs Division

    • Office of Academic Affairs
    • Office of Academic Services
    • Office of Faculty Affairs
    • Office of Education Development
    • Affiliated Centers
    • Center for Teaching & Learning
    • Center for Innovative Engineering Education
    • Center for WE-SMART

    General Affairs Division

    • Office of Personnel and General Affairs
    • Office of Finance

    Information & Communications Division

  • Student Affairs Division

    • Office of Student Services
    • Affiliated Institutions
    • Yanghyon-gwan (Dormitory for State Exam Preparation)
    • Health Center
    • Center for Students with Disabilities

    External Affairs Division

    • Office of External Affairs
    • Office of Public Relations

    Academic & General Affairs Division

    • Office of Academic Affairs & Procurement
    • Office of Facilities Management
    • Reserved Forces Regiment
    • Affiliated Institutions
    • University Botanical Garden
    • Education & Research Forest
  • Research & Business Foundation

    • Office of Research and Business Foundation Management Support
    • Office of Research Planning
    • Office of Research Support
    • Office of Corporate Project Management
    • Affiliated Institutions
    • Cooperative Center for Research Facilities
    • Technology Transfer Center
    • Center for Academic-Industrial Collaboration with Small Corporations
    • Entrepreneurship Education Center
    • Internship Support Center
    • Corporate Support Center
    • Intellectual Property Commercialization Center
    • IoT Business Support Center
    • University & Industry Collaboration Agency
    • Industry-University Cooperative Education Center
    • Community Innovation Center
    • International Development Cooperation Center
Affiliated Institutions
  • Library

    • Office of Libraries & Information (Humanities & Social Sciences Campus)
    • Office of Libraries & Information (Natural Sciences Campus)

    Sungkyunkwan University Museum

    Sungkyunkwan University Newspaper

    • Office of University Press

    The Sungkyun Times

    • Office of University Press

    Sungkyunkwan University Broadcasting Station

    • Office of University Press

    University Press

    Sungkyunkwan University Athletics

  • Career Development Center

    • Office of Career Development Center
    • Counseling Center

    Academy of East Asian Studies

    • Institute of Confucian and Cultural Studies
    • Daedong Institute for Korean Studies
    • SKK Institute of China Studies
    • Survey Research Center
    • Inter-University Center
    • Jongyeonggak
    • Academy of East Asian Studies Administrative Office

    SKKU Advanced Institute of Nano Technology (SAINT)

    • Research Center for Eco-Energy Technology in Automobile Parts & Materials
    • Center for Human Interface with Nano Technology
    • Center for Human Interface with Nano Technology
    • Nano-Technology Industrialization Center
    • SAINT Administrative Office
  • LINC+

    Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics

    Neuroscience Imaging Research Center


    • Dormitory Administrative Office

    Center for Human Rights & Development

    Start-up Support Center

    • Entrepeneurship & Innovation Center
    • Start-up Support Center Administrative Office

    Biomedical Institute for Convergence at SKKU (BICS)

    • Institute of Biomolecular Control
    • SKKU-UCLA-NTU Precision Biology Research Center
  • SKKU Extension School

    • SKKU Extension Schoo Administrative Office

    Laboratory Animal Center

    • Laboratory Animal Center Administrative Office

    Student Success Center

    • Office of Student Success Center

    SKKU Convergence Institute for Intelligence and Informatics

    SKKU Convergence Institute for Culture, Arts, and Media

    Institute of Quantum Biophysics (IQB)

    Institutional Research & Innovation Center

  • Content Manager