Administrative Offices

Information & Communications Division

Information and Communications Division

Office of Information & Communications

The office of Information & Communications is responsible for the establishment and implementation of basic informatization plans, provision of support for educational research activities, and matters related to informational processing of academic affairs and administration.

Major Responsibilities and Functions

  • Management of division director’s official seal
  • Establishment and implementation of basic informatization plans
  • Informatization education and events on and off campus
  • Purchase, installation, maintenance and management of informatization equipments and tools
  • Installation and operation of computer network
  • Establishment of information system for administration, education and research sectors
  • Provision of computer processing support for education and research
  • The technological support and management of internet, groupware, and virtual education
  • Operation of an information system and development of programs
  • Maintenance and repair of communication lines and management of the interphone system
  • Management and operation of PC rooms
  • Management and operation of the Three Quality System (Creativity Quality (IT field)
  • Protection and security of information
  • Development and management of SKKU's websites
  • Establishment and management of computer systems for the Industry-University Cooperation Foundation
  • Content Manager