Affiliated Institutions

Center for Cooperative Research Facilities

The Center for Cooperative Research Facilities aims to contribute to the development of academic research at SKKU through the effective management of joint equipment.


Main Responsibilities and Functions

  • Establish and manage effective joint application plans for the selection, introduction, utilization, and analysis of the center’s equipment
  • Promotion of co-utilization of on-campus research/laboratory equipment
  • Prevention of duplicate purchases of research/laboratory equipment and expansion of high-priced joint equipment
  • Coordination of seminars and education for the maintenance and management of joint equipment
  • Management of on-campus interagency high-priced equipment
  • Collection of joint equipment utilization fees and maintainance of equipment
  • Coordination of projects related to radioactive isotopes and radiation generators
  • Coordination of other projects recognized as coinciding with the center's objectives

Center for Cooperative Research Facility
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