Affiliated Institutions

Institutional Research & Innovation Center

Institutional Research & Innovation Center is a president-affiliated agency created to act preemptively to the changes in the era of transition such as AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing. The Center will strive for a continual improvement of Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)’s capacity to lead the higher education in the future as a “Global Leading University”.

The Institutional Research & Innovation Center will take the role as the core innovative platform to contribute towards the student success and creation of future value by an integrated management of the institutional data, discovery of strategic insights from big data, and cultivation of scientific/creative talents with data analysis capabilities.

The main activities of the Center include establishing and operating the data governance of the university, supporting data informed decision-making, operation of the Business Intelligence (BI), development of AI based advanced service contents, training experts in data analysis and 6 Sigma belts, and operating various business innovation programs and external consulting for higher education.

Institutional Research & Innovation Center

Major Responsibilities and Functions

Data Management

  • Establishment and operation of data management system
  • Establishment of data management policies
  • Establishment of data management platform
  • Protection of personal information in the process of data analysis

Data Analysis

  • Discovery and development of new source of data
  • Planning and implementation of data analysis
  • Operation of BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Development of AI based service contents

Business Innovation

  • Operation of data analyst training program
  • Operation of 6 Sigma Belts training program
  • Planning and operation of Knowledge Management
  • Development of extension courses to foster scientific/creative talents
  • Content Manager