Affiliated Institutions

Institute of Quantum Biophysics (IQB)

IQB aims to facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary research efforts to establish quantum biology, quantum biophysics, and quantum Biological ICs (QBICs) for “5P Medicine”, Preventive, Predictive, Personalized, Participatory, and Precision Medicine.

Institute of Quantum Biophysics (IQB)

Vision & Goal

Next-generation Q-biophysics research and Q-preventive precision medicine era

  • Fundamental scientific inquiry through basic quantum biophysics research
  • Practical medical implementation through applied quantum biophysics research
  • Berkeley-SKKU international cooperative research and educational training
  • Next-generation human resource training in quantum biophysics and precision medicine research fields

Research Area

Center for Theoretical, Computational, and Design (TCAD) Purpose driven theoretical and computational quantum biophysics

  • Quantum energy flow in light harvesting antenna complex.
  • Extensive quantum biological electron transfer (QBET) simulations.
  • Simulations of QBET-based Rx.
  • Quantum biological integrated circuits (QBICs) device design and simulations.

Center for Experimental Quantum Biophysics (EQB) Basic and applied quantum biology and biophysics in In vitro and In vivo systems.

  • QBET in living fluidic system, quantum biological device-based optofluidics.
  • Quantum biomaterials and quantum biological interface devices (QBIDs).
  • Molecular diagnostic biomedic chip and organ-on-chip

Center for Quantum Biological ICs (QBICs) Medicine QBICs to create ultrafast precision molecular diagnostic systems for predictive medicine

  • QBICs-based ultrafast precision molecular diagnostic systems (iMDx) and its network for medical AI systems.
  • QBICs-based microphysiological analysis platform (MAP)

Center for Large-scale Advanced Manufacturing Platform (LAMP) for QBITs Innovative large-scale manufacturing of integrated biological reagents, quantum devices for excitation, amplifications, and detections in microfluidic circuits.

  • Large-scale manufacturing technology of low-cost advanced microfluidic biochips (LAMB) from QBICs: QBIC LAMB.
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