A Tradition of Excellence

Campus Overview


A university that will continue to inherit and advance the essence of the nation with commitment

Humanities and Social Sciences Campus(Seoul)

The campus is located inside the original city wall, which defined the boundaries of the old capital during the Joseon Dynasty. It is overlooking Changdeokgung, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most well-preserved royal palace in Korea. Like Seoul, our university grew rapidly, and an expansion was needed to build the modern campus. When expanding, the science programs were moved to Suwon and the humanities and social sciences programs remained at this campus.

Natural Sciences Campus(Suwon)

SKKU’s modern Natural Sciences Campus was established in Suwon in 1978. It is accessible via shuttle bus and public transit in a little less than an hour. When the new campus was built, the idea of a dual campus system was revolutionary in Korean higher education. Some comprehensive universities located in big cities have tried to meet the need for expansion by founding a separate, usually smaller school in an outstanding rural area.