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[Events] [International Symposium] 2023 Zhuangzi beyond the Inner Chapters in Seoul (3.13~3.17) 최종 수정일 : 2023.03.07
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Greetings. The K-Academic Expansion Project for the Institute of Korean Philosophy and Culture at Sungkyunkwan University will host an international symposium titled “2023 Zhuangzi beyond the Inner Chapters in Seoul” for 4 days, from March 14(Tue.)-17(Fri.), together with the 3T R&E Project Group based on Confucian, Eastern, and Korean Philosophy at the 4th BK21 Project.

With plans to be held simultaneously on- and offline, the symposium is split into two parts. The first part titled “The Huang Lao Chapters in the Zhuangzi” will be held over a three-day period, from the 14th(Tue.) to the 16th(Thu.), with 12 scholars from Korea, the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan slated to engage in in-depth discussions on the Heaven and Earth chapter, the Way of Heaven chapter, the Heavenly Resolutions chapter, the Ingrained Opinions chapter, and the Mending Nature chapter of the outer chapters of the Zhuangzi.

The second part titled“Reading Zhuangzi through Yi Gyubo” will be held on the 17th(Fri), the last day of the symposium, and 6 graduate students will shed light on Zhuangzi as he appears in the collection of literary works by Yi Gyubo, a thinker from the Goryeo dynasty period. We expect it to serve as an opportunity to identify how Korean scholars understand ‘Zhuangzi’ and make known this knowledge overseas.

For a detailed schedule and information on presenters in the event, please refer to the link below.
Zhuangzi beyond the Inner Chapters - Home (weebly.com)

Additionally, we ask for your understanding in regard to the following issue. Due to limited space, you must apply for offline participation in advance. Those who want to participate offline can apply through the Google survey below (link). Offline participation will close on a first-come first-serve basis. The location and Zoom meeting link will be then sent to successful applicants.


Thank you.
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