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[Academics] Notification on the Implementation of the Withdrawal System for Graduate School 최종 수정일 : 2023.08.25
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This is a notice that the course withdrawal system will be implemented for the regular semester of graduate school from the second semester of 2023.

□ Course Withdrawal: A system where students withdraw certain courses during the semester without receiving grades for them, even after initially enrolling in and attending those courses.

1. Application Period: September 13 (Wednesday) to September 15 (Friday) / 10:00 ~ 23:00 (KST)
 ※ Once the application deadline has passed, no further applications or changes will be accepted for any reason.
 ※ Before applying, please thoroughly check your mandatory graduation requirements (such as thesis submission qualification test subjects, <Academic Writing and Research Ethics>, and other subjects designated by the department) to ensure that withdrawing from any courses will not impact your graduation credit fulfillment.

2. Eligibility and Restrictions for Course Withdrawal Application
 1) Eligibility: Those students who have registered for courses in the current semester general, professional, and special graduate programs. (Including students who have completed research registration and who have applied for credits for thesis substitution after completion.)

 2) Target subjects: Courses to be taken in the 2nd semester of 2023

 3) Number of subjects eligible for withdrawal: Up to 1 subject

3. How to apply: GLS > Courses > Graduate Registration > Application for Withdrawal 

4. Course withdrawal reflection date: Expected to be September 26.(Tue)

5. Important Notes (Must read!)
 1) Cancellation of Withdrawal: Once withdrawal from a course is approved, cancellation of the withdrawal will not be possible. Therefore, before applying, make sure to confirm your graduation requirements and graduation-related required courses(thesis submission qualification test subjects, <Academic Writing and Research Ethics>, other subjects designated by the department) to carefully select courses for withdrawal. 

 2) Tuition Refund: Withdrawal from courses will not result in tuition refunds (This also applies to excess course registration)

 3) Additional Course Registration Credits: If you withdraw from a course that you registered for using additional course credits, those credits will not be refunded.

 4) Course Enrollment Drops to 0: If the number of enrolled students drops to zero(0) because everyone withdraws, the course may be canceled.

 5) Additional Course Registration: Even if you withdraw from the course, you cannot add new courses during the same semester

 6) Withdrawal Application Process: Course withdrawal application is completed through the GLS online application, and no separate written application submission is required.

※ For further inquiries, please contact the administrative office of your affiliated college or the Academic Call Center ’학사콜센터‘ (☎1811-8585).
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