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[General] Satisfaction Survey of Foreign Students 2019.05.02
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Satisfaction Survey of Foreign Students

This survey which is conducted by Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea is a survey of the satisfaction of providing the learning environment and the life style of the universities of foreign students studying in Korea.

The contents of the responses to the questionnaire are kept confidential by the Article 33 of the 「Statistical Law」.

∎ Period of Survey : 25, April ~ 12, May

∎ How to participate in surveys through PC
  ○ Enter https://ko.surveymonkey.com/r/SG5BG39 in the Internet browser address bar, Survey on the Satisfaction of Foreign Students

∎ How to participate in surveys through smartphones
  ○ The following QR code is scanned and participated in the "Survey "
      ※ On the smartphone, you can participate as a participant through PC.

∎ Inquiry : 070-7801-6174, pm@leedoagency.com
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