The history of the Sungkyunkwan University Alumni Association-affiliated & international alumni association first began with the establishment of the North America SKKU Alumni Association in 1999 followed by the subsequent establishment of the Asia SKKU Alumni Association in 2005, Europe Alumni Association and Oceania Alumni Association in 2006. Through the establishment of these associations, SKKU has truly secured a global network all around the world The individual alumni associations are also managed separately by cities and nations, and various international and regional alumni events such as the Sungkyun Family Night and scholarship fundraising programs are held all around the world.


  • Southern California, New York, New England, Dallas (Northern Texas), Las Vegas, Michigan, Minnesota, San Diego, San Francisco (Northern California), Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Oregon, Washington DC, Georgia, Kansas, Colorado, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston, Hawaii


  • Vancouver, Toronto


  • Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Hong Kong
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