Student Success Story

SKK GSB Alumni Go Global

SKK GSB Alumni

Sang Won Ahn (Executive MBA class of 2013)

CFO & Representative Director, SAP Japan

"SKK GSB provided me with a strong foundation to be successful in the global market. The Kelley – SKK GSB Executive MBA curriculum offers students a rich global context and perspective in every aspect of business. I gained great insights and global perspectives through the many business case discussions during classes as faculty members have always promoted thought-provoking discussions. The Effective Communications course and its application in all classes, helped me to build strong communication skills which are critical in my current role."

Meng-long Jack Shao (Executive MBA class of 2017)

Sales & Marketing Manager, Japan & Korea, Hormel Foods International Corp.

"The courses I attended during the Kelley - SKK GSB Executive MBA program helped me gain experience in building a global network and sharpened my business perspectives. In addition, I reached out to members of my former cohorts and discussed specific business issues related to Korea. Also, the experience at SKK GSB continues to enhance my opportunities for a global career. I was an expatriate for my company during my MBA study period and have continued to build a global career until now. My responsibilities in the international division have increased because of my MBA degree."

Jin Hee Bae (Professional MBA class of 2019)

APAC Developed Market CSR & CSV, Microsoft

"The SKK GSB Professional MBA program has a great advantage in that you can gain a high level of insight into the global market as it is designed from the perspective of a global market from the beginning to the end of the curriculum. With a high percentage of foreign professors, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the markets in each country that only a native can have. In addition, many classmates are working in various global companies such as VISA, Oracle, Samsung, and Richemont, so we can share the information about changes the global industry makes and the challenges they face. We can learn from each other’s past work experiences directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, I have been recognized internally for my diverse capabilities by the knowledge and experience gained through the Professional MBA program. I was not only in charge of the market in Korea but also in various other countries such as New Zealand and Singapore. Above all, I have made friends who would give me a lot of life advice; the diverse perspectives and thoughts of various people have helped me to grow as a person and have also contributed to my career growth."

Eun Sun Lim (Full-Time MBA class of 2013)

Client partner, Global gaming, Facebook Singapore

"All of the courses I have taken during the time I was at SKK GSB have been directly leveraged throughout my career. Especially the Study Abroad Program that I experienced enabled me to directly compete with other top tier global professionals, which subsequently prepared me better to work in a global environment.

I'm confident that many of the students or graduates of SKK GSB have ambition and passion to become a competitive global leader and professional. With that motivation in mind, the courses that you can take at SKK GSB can equip you to build your career globally. For instance, all the case studies handled were based on global applications, which puts you in a more competitive position in the workplace to be a global professional than others who have not been exposed to various global business cases. Also, class discussions, papers and preparations for your course exams are all part of the preparation for you to be a global professional, as it constantly challenges you to think globally and act globally."

Ik Soo Hwang (Full-Time MBA class of 2019)

Global Managment, ABInBev Korea

"The most helpful course for me at the SKK GSB Full-Time MBA Program was the Applied Business Project (ABP), which lasted for about 3 months. Other classes helped me a lot, but with my limited practical experience, the ABP curriculum had the biggest impact. As a direct business consultant, we have been able to acquire a wide range of knowledge by presenting applicable solutions as well as in analyzing corporate and market environments while handling consulting projects for specific companies. This experience was the best opportunity for me to apply my skills and to develop my career skills through theoretical knowledge.

In addition, through the Global Business Trip, I have learned what business issues the overseas start-ups are concerned about and how they are growing with such diverse foreign professors and classmates. This has enabled us to establish a diverse and vast global network of not only domestic alumni but also helped us to understand perspectives of overseas alumni."