Welcome from the President

SKKU will become an innovative and sharing university
creatively challenging, communicating and cooperating to,
achieve ‘Student Success’ and ‘Future Value’
based on 622 years of history and tradition.

Dong Ryeol Shin, 21st President of Sungkyunkwan University

Sungkyunkwan University is a national university with 622 years of glorious history and shining tradition. The university has led the development of higher education in Korea by challenging and innovating with a mind for sharing and coexistence. We will make a leap forward to become a ‘Global Leading University’ and contribute to the prosperity and development of the humanity along with other prestigious universities in the world.


We will share the founding Confucian philosophies of our university: 仁義禮智(Benevolence, Righteousness, Propriety, Wisdom) and 修己治人(Self-cultivation) to create a united campus community which values the idea of being together and raises senses of faith and coexistence.

Sungkyunkwan University will tear down the boundaries between different disciplines and aim for the creation convergence to achieve ‘Student Success’ and ‘Future Value’.

Dong Ryeol Shin, President of Sungkyunkwan University

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