International Freshmen Welcome Program

Welcome SKKU freshmen students! The International Freshmen Welcome program (IFWP) provides interesting and useful packages that help new students become accustomed to the university before entering the university. Do not miss out on the opportunity to start one step earlier with your senior mentors and friends at SKKU’s campus in Seoul.

欢迎成为成均馆大学的一员!国际学生预备学校课程(IFWP)为了帮助您更好更快地适应大学生活, 为您提供愉快而多样的文化体验和有关新入学的有益信息,请不要错过和学哥学姐们一起了解成大人文校区认识新朋友的好机会!

Eligibility 申请资格

*Foreign Undergraduate/Graduate Admittees
*Acquisition of D-4-1(Language Study) Visa provided by SKKU
※ Applicants must apply for visas at their home country (visa application in Korea is prohibited)
※ When the IFWP is over, SKKU will provide assistance to apply for D-2 (degree study) visas during the last week of February.

* 外国留学生本科/研究生合格者
* 持有由成均馆大学下发的D-4-1(语学研修)签证者
※ 申请者必须在自己的国家申请签证(禁止在韩国申请签证
※ IFWP活动结束后,成均馆大学将在2月最后一周提供申请D-2(留学)签证的帮助

Application 报名参加

SKKU uses an online application system. Students are not required to submit paper forms. After receiving your application, we will provide confirmation and guide you how to transfer the fee for the program via email. The Application period is from November 7 to January 15.
*The IFWP application website works best with Internet Explorer.

成均馆大学拥有独自的网上报名系统。我们不接收纸质报名表。 在我们收到你的参加申请后,将通过email告知付费等信息。申请时间为11月7日至1月15日。
*报名系统更适合在 Internet Explorer平台打开。

Fee 费用

1,000,000 KRW
※ The fee will be fully refunded as a scholarship during the beginning the Spring semester.
※ Applicants who are already in Korea must return to their home country in order to apply for a D-4-1 Visa (issued by SKKU).

1,000,000 韩元
※ 在春季学期开始时,费用将作为奖学金全额退还。
※ 现已在韩国的申请人必须回到自己的国家申请D-4-1签证(由成均馆大学下发)。

Program 活动

  • Program Period – From February 3, 2020 to February 21, 2020
  • Korean Language Class – 09:00 ~ 12:50, 4 days a week from Monday to Friday
  • Cultural Activities – Every Friday
  • *The activities include meeting with senior peer advisors, a Taekwondo experience, a Korean cooking class, visiting an amusement park, etc.
  • For more information, please send an email to welcome@skku.edu or call +82-31-290-5236.
  • The program is NOT mandatory; however, we encourage students to join this program in order to facilitate your school life in Korea.

  • 活动期间 – 2020年2月3日 ~ 2020年2月21日。
  • 韩国语课程 – 9:00 ~ 12:50,每周一至周五。
  • 文化体验 – 每周五。
  • * 文化体验包括和学哥学姐见面,跆拳道,韩国饮食烹饪,游乐园等。
  • 如有疑问或需要更多信息请通过邮箱welcome@skku.edu或电话+82-31-290-5236咨询。
  • 此次活动虽不是强制性的,不过为了丰富学生的校园生活,我们鼓励大家多多申请此次项目。
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