February-April, 2015 Vol. 4
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  • Oxford Visited SKKU for Active Research Collaboration
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  • President Chung's New Year's Address
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  • SKK GSB MBA Number 1 in Korea for 5 Consecutive Years
  • 2016 Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize for AMOLED
  • Prof. Oh, Sam Gyun was Elected Chair of iSchools
Leading Alumni in a Global Society
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Leading Alumni in a Global Society
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Leading Alumni in a Global Society
  • A Small Giant Attempts to Compete in Olympics
  • SKKU Graduate Student Lee, Nam Soo Identifies Novel Protein for DNA-Damage Responses
President Chung's New Year's Address

Respectfully, to all in Sungkyunkwan University with the duty of the 20th presidency I was called upon by all to undertake, the first year of which has now gone by, we are now greeting the new year of 2016, 丙申年 (Byungshin Nyun) with great anticipation and hope. This year is called the year of the red monkey where it is said that the elements of yang, fire, and the color red culminate and enable all things to be executed with a forward-looking and proactive outcome. As we enter such a vibrant new year, I sincerely wish for all in Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) to have their endearing goals and hopes bear fruit this year.

As the University celebrates its 618th anniversary this year, SKKU is ceaselessly creating values derived from, "the new value of the old", by bringing together in harmony, tradition and cutting-edge fields of study. Also, with the active support of our foundation, Samsung Corporation, we continue to proceed with pioneering and outstanding university innovation.

Through these efforts, the SW-centered University Support Program, Grand ICT Research Center Program, Self-Curing Environmental Concrete Research Center, and more were selected as major government projects last year. Especially with the Brain Korea 21+ Project (BK21+) which is the core foundation for graduate school education and a research centered university, we have procured an outstanding 31 projects. Also we have repeatedly demonstrated unprecedented and spectacular achievements like becoming the No. 1 private university in Korea in the Joong-Ang Daily University Rankings for the 3rd consecutive year, taking the No. 1 spot on the National Consumer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) for the 9th consecutive year, completing the construction of the N Center, the world's top level basic science research facility, and more.

In addition, we have risen to 118 in the QS World Rankings, while being named the finest private university in Korea according to the Times Higher Education (THE) World Rankings and US News & World Report's Global University Rankings. This is especially felt through the active willing gestures for international cooperation by the world's prestigious universities abroad.

Such outstanding achievements in the midst of adversity were only made possible by the passionate participation and selfless support of the faculty, administrative staff, foundation, students, and 210,000 alumni's heartwarming affection for the university, in order to propel beyond being the best university in Korea to become a truly global leading university. So I would like to take this opportunity to express, from the bottom of my heart, my admiration and gratitude to each and every one of you.

People of SKKU!

This year, we are also expecting an acceleration of change in the environment surrounding the university. The threats that we encounter are diverse and complex, such as the heated global competition between universities, the advent of a new educational trend based on technological innovation, the growing demand from students and corporations, and more. However, these threats in my view are no different from the opportunity that will further propel our university as we take on this new challenge. For those who are prepared, there can be no threats but opportunities.

One year ago when I was appointed to the presidency, I referred to you a quote from the Analects of Confucius, the chapter of Jaro (子路), "If you truthfully employ me, I will lay the foundations in one year and yield profits in three (子曰 苟有用我者, 期月而己可也, 三年有成)." With this in mind, in my first year I have focused on solidifying the university based on the great legacy laid by my predecessors before me. Now for the next three years, in order to create a truly global leading university, we will be moving forward with the 'New Challenge Project' as follows:

One, we will strengthen software (SW) education & fusion learning.
Two, we will concentrate and strengthen research by establishing 'Research Troika' and more.
Three, we will do our utmost to raise 'global pride' by expanding global alliances.
Four, we will greatly expand industry-university cooperation through the 'SKKU Enterprise Foundation' and more.
Five, we will exalt pride of being the finest university, through management innovation and combined leadership.

We hope that all of you will actively participate and show your support for our university's new challenge. A dream that everyone at SKKU believes in with one heart and one mind will always come true.

Again, I would like to express my gratitude for the dedication and appreciation that everyone has shown over the past year and wish for a new year filled with great achievements and happiness for those here at SKKU.