May-July, 2016 Vol. 2
  • SKKU Ranked Top 12th University in Asia, No.1 Korea Private University for 2 Consecutive Years
  • 5th Sungkyun International Solar Forum with 30 World-class Academics from 12 Countries
  • SKKU Strengthen National Management Capacity of Latin American Countries
  • SKKU-Harvard University Held a Workshop about Confucianism Culture and Digital Humanities
  • Top University in Engineering, Employment Rate Over 95% and 1st in Scholarship
  • Nurturing Creative Convergence Talent to Reach Top 10 Rank in Asia
  • Successful Launch of Korea Space Telescope Developed by SKKU
  • 1st University in the Industrial-educational Cooperation Field
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  • AI Generation Liberal Arts Freshmen, Come and Play with SW!
  • Listen to the Music Composed by 'AI Composer'
  • Fall in Love with Korean Language - Korean Writing Contest Held in Ho Chi Minh and Beijing
Leading Alumni in a Global Society
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Leading Alumni in a Global Society
  • Student Volunteers Draw a Mural at Regional Children's Center
  • SKKU Undergraduate Student's 'Cell Survival' Study Published in World-class Academic Journal
Top University in Engineering, Employment Rate Over 95% and 1st in Scholarship

Sungkyunkwan University has been ranked 118th in QS(Quac-quarelli Symonds) World Rankings, 153rd in THE(Times Higher Education) Rankings 2015; The 1st private university in Korea. Engineering Department has been ranked 51st worldwide, 49th in Chemical Engineering. Other departments such as new materials, mechanics, civil engineering, architecture marked around 50 in world rankings. With collaboration with Samsung, Sungkyunkwan University is leaping towards innovation to change the dynamics of education.

The outstanding breakthrough derives from the field of engineering. Sungkyunkwan University began its innovation through developing students in the engineering field with Samsung. STP(Samsung Talent Program) is a good example, with a group of 10 students annually. The students in the program receives 4 year full scholarship, with a chance to work in Samsung when they graduate. For that, Sungkyunkwan University and Samsung aims to obtain core faculties, research funds. The annual scholarship amount per student is 4990,000 Won, and the scholarship per tuition fee amounts up to 42.3%. It ranks the first in private universities in Korea.

Sungkyunkwan University obtained core programs such as CK-II, LINC, WISET, BK21+. In the Department of Engineering, there are Creative Convergence Material and Specialized Process Program, and the Global Architectural Engineering Program. Besides that, there are many experiments and guest lectures from celebrities ongoing to raise experts in materials and process area.

In research field, there are 6 main agencies and 3 main teams in the BK21+ program. The Future Nano-based Convergence Talent team and the ICT Convergence Facilities Management Talent team were selected to be funded which amounts up to 7,800,000,000 Won.

High education and the research basis affected the outcome in research index. International SCI papers recorded 4,420, with the research fund amounting up to 3,200,000,000,000 Won. It has increased dramatically compared to the outcome in 2010, that had only 2,780 SCI papers and 2,200,000,000,000 Won of research fund. The patents regarding graphene, as known as the 'Dream material', recorded 147(2013.6), the biggest number among the world's research institutes. It is just slighly behind the patent number of Samsung's, the leading patent owner as a company. Sungkyunkwan University has reached the world-level in nano field as there are new institutions such as SKKU Advanced Institute of Nano Technology, SKKU Institute of Convergence, or IBS(Institute of Basic Science).

The employment rate is also outstanding. 100% in Architecture department, 99.1% in Chemical Engineering, 97.9% in Mechanical Engineering, 94.9% in New Materials department.

Academic and research exchange is also remarkable. According to a staff, "SKKU has ongoing agreements with prestigious universities such as MIT, Beijing University, and so on" Also, SKKU has the Asian R&D center of BASF, the world's best chemical company, and the one of SABIC, the 4th leading chemical company in the world.

"Around 50th in QS Rankings... Aims 20th in the future"

Last year, the Engineering department of Sungkyunkwan University was amazing. Engineering Department has been ranked 51st worldwide, 49th in Chemical Engineering. Other departments such as new materials, mechanics, civil engineering, architecture marked around 50 in world rankings.

In research area, SKKU achieved more than the original plan. Two large-scale projects were hosted. Six main agencies and Three main teams were selected in the BK21+ program, showing off the best performance in Korea. In the international field, there had been practical establish of agreement with Nagoya(Japan), Pennsylvania State(United States), Beijing University(China). Besides, there is a peer-studying program in association with HKUST(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology).

In the industry field, the technology transfer income recorded 1,520,000,000 Won, similar to that of 2014. 420 patents were issued, compared to 227 last year.

The year 2015 for the Engineering department was splendid, with 50th anniversary of its establishment as well as various international academic conferences and alliances with foreign prestigious universities. This year, the Engineering department aims to be ranked around 20th in world rankings.

With adjusting education, research, industry, international affairs, cultures to the recent level, SKKU aims to become an 'Entrepreneurial University' through higher education and research.

For this, SKKU is focused on extending creative convergence R&E clusters, creating smart-innovating R&D environments, as well as building up Global Open Innovation Network. Detailed plans have been already set. In cooperation with Samsung Foundation, as well as other institutions such as BASFㆍSABICㆍKANEKA Research center, universities such as HarvardㆍMITㆍStanfordㆍBeijing UniversityㆍHKUSTㆍSingapore University, SKKU will pursue its goal for the future.

Currently, there are over 4,000 students in the Engineering department. It is our task to make them the most promising talents of the world. We will do our best to make SKKU the Truly, Global Leading University of the world.