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    Research team develops a Catalyst to convert Carbon Dioxide to Petrochemical Intermediate

    Prof. Jongwook BAE (Chemistry Engineering)’s research team develops a catalyst to convert carbon dioxide to petrochemical intermediate

  • inauguration

    Inaugural Address of the 21st President, Dong Ryeol SHIN

    Dear Sungkyun Family, Honorable Chairman Jung Don SEO and former presidents of the university, President of Alumni association Yong Taek YUN and distinguished guests! Today, I stand solemnly as I am inaugurated as the 21st President of the glorious Sungkyunkwan University. I am honored to be able to open a new era in our prestigious university along with everyone seated here. Sungkyunkwan University is a national university with 621 years of glorious history and shining tradition. The university has led the development of higher education in Korea by challenging and innovating with the mind of sharing and coexistence. Now as a ‘Global Leading University’, we will contribute towards the prosperity and development of the humanity along with other prestigious universities in the world. Dear Sungkyun Family! Recently, the environment in higher education has reached the turning point. New forms of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, software, 5G and robotics are calling for creative values as it aims for a hyper-connected society. Universities are at the risk of extinction as they face fiscal and demographic cliff. But Sungkyunkwan University has always turned crisis to opportunities. We have actively pushed for change and innovation without self-contentment. Now we must create new values in order to overcome crisis and change. It is time for us to gather our wisdom and show courage to move on to the future. Today, I would like to suggest a new vision, “Becoming a Global Leading University that achieves student success and future value”. The specific actions plans are: First, we will put ‘Student Success’ as our core value. Today, our knowledge and technology has advanced explosively and the world has become closer than ever. Now our paradigm on the higher education must change. University should no longer be a medium for the simple transmission of knowledge but a space for students to develop and manage their values for a successful life in the future society. From this viewpoint, I propose to initiate an educational innovation centered on three points for “Student Success”. The first point is ‘Less teaching, more learning’. Second point is to expand ‘creative convergence education’. Lastly, our university was the first to open a ‘Student Success Center’. We will establish a solid system of student success support and create a campus environment that embrace all kinds of students. Second, we will focus on the ‘Social Impact’ that creates future value. Our university will now aim for a qualitative growth in order to rise as a world-renowned university. We will take the responsibility to create future value and resolve global issues as we are now a global university. We will construct a ‘Convergent R&E Cluster’ and activate convergent/compound research, which transcends individual majors and campuses. By having a practical cooperation between the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus, Natural Sciences Campus and Samsung Medical Center, joint research among the school system will be activated. Also, we will rise as a ‘Top Global 50 University’ by expanding global researches using global networks of our researchers. Third, we will rise as an entrepreneurial university that leads the new industry. The university needs to be an active partner of the company, government and the world to become a communicative and cooperative platform. We will aid our professors for research accomplishments to expand technology transfer/commercialization and contribute in creating added value for our society. We will invite global companies and research institutes to our campus to achieve smooth industrial-educational cooperation. Especially, we will create a new cooperation model with the global company, Samsung. Fourth, we will do our best to create university community and campus culture. For the university to push ahead a sustainable development, it needs to become a community that shares vision and objective. During my presidency, I will devote myself to create campus culture and brand that symbolizes the spirit and traditions of Sungkyunkwan University. I will try my best to create a brand that contains the founding philosophy of 修己治人and ‘成均’(Sungkyun) in particular. Dear Sungkyun Family! In order to realize ‘Student Success’ and create ‘Future Value’, communication and cooperation among its members are crucial. It is impossible to achieve school’s vision without the communication and participation of members. I will open a venue for professors, faculty, students and alumnus to share opinions for the development of the university. I will offer different channels for multi-directional interaction and communication. I will take the initiative to create a single Sungkyunkwan community which values ‘us’ over ‘I’ and shares the philosophy and value of the university. There is a phrase in the Analects which best represents my current feeling: “任重道遠”. It means that “the responsibility is heavy but there is a long way to go”. But with everyone, I am not fearful. I will write a new history along with fellow members of the Sungkyunkwan community. Let’s dream big. I will lead the way. Thank you. 2019. 01. 08 President of Sungkyunkwan University, Dong Ryeol SHIN

  • orientation

    Orientation for 2019 Freshmen (rolling recruitment) ended successfully

    On December 28th and January 4th, University College (Dean Hong Joon YOO) held an orientation session at each campus for freshmen

  • swr

    Graduate School of Water Resources holds round table on Capacity Building Program for Developing Countries

    On January 4th, SKKU Graduate School of Water Resources held a round table discussion on “Capacity building program on smart water management for developing country” with 13 students soon to graduate from the first class of the “KOICA- SKKU Master’s Degree Program in Water Resources Management”.

  • mou

    SKKU AORC concludes MOU with Zhejiang Normal University’s CDM

    SKKU’s Applied Algebra and Optimization Research Center (hereafter AORC) signed an agreement with Zhejiang Normal University’s Center for Discrete Mathematics (hereafter CDM) for research cooperation on December 27th, 2018.

  • new years

    New Year’s Message from the President of SKKU

    Dear Sungkyun Family, The year of Golden Dog has passed, and the new year of 2019 has come. This year is the year of the Golden Pig, which brings abundance to life. I sincerely hope that all SKKU members’ dreams and wishes are realized in accordance with the meaning of the year. Despite the tough domestic and foreign environment, our university has made a great achievement by entering the list of top 100 global universities. SKKU now takes rank with many prestigious universities in the world by achieving 82nd place in THE and 100th place in QS world university rankings. This will leave a significant mark on our university’s long history. Last year, SKKU was selected for the demonstration of university innovation project (PILOT) and has achieved 1st place in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) for 12 consecutive years. Also, we saw great results such as recording the highest job employment rate for 5 consecutive years and producing an increasing number of successful candidates for the national exams. We have newly established prospective majors to meet the needs of the era of fusion and convergence. Academic affairs have been reorganized to a flexible and student-centered system, setting the foundation for a new takeoff. In addition, SKKU has exhibited a high level of research power in the global academic world. In 2018, four of our researchers were selected as ‘Highly Cited Researcher’ and we have made excellent academic achievements in both quantity and quality. More than 5000 theses (SCI) were published for 2 years in a row and each piece was cited more than 10 times. Also, SKKU has gained a foothold of GT10+Convergence R&E cluster centered research by establishing the Institute of Quantum Biophysics and Institute of Art & Culture Media Convergence. SKKU was able to maintain inner stability and move on as a global leading university by the united efforts of university, foundation and alumnus. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all the Sungkyun members for their dedication to our university. We should now take a powerful step toward our goal of being a ‘Global Leading University’. We should bear in mind that if we remain content of our previous achievements, we will fall behind of competition. Our university is now confronting challenges such as: the call for futuristic human resource education, decrease in number of school age population and the appearance of new form in education. SKKU will not remain content of our 600 years of history but move on by overcoming hardships with the collective wisdom of Sungkyun family. This year, I feel a great sense of responsibility and duty as the new president of SKKU. I will do my best to make SKKU a successful model of an innovative university and a truly Global Leading University. I suggest the following policies to achieve this goal: First, strengthen data · convergence education Second, achieve Global TOP 50 researches Third, advance as the leading university of new industries Fourth, manage based on the principle of communication and participation Again, thank you very much for all the dedication towards the development of our university. I wish each and every one of you good health and success in the year of our school’s 621st anniversary. January 1st, 2019 Dong Ryeol SHIN, The President of SKKU

  • Prof. YOO

    Prof. Jae-Chern YOO donates 50 Million Won for the Development of AI-Digital Health Care research center

    On December 19th 2018, Prof. Jae-Chern YOO visited the President’s office at Natural Sciences Campus to agree on donating 50 Million Won for the development of AI-Digital Health Care research center.

  • 본교, 화학분야 미국 유에스뉴스(US News) 평가 세계 33위, 국내 종합대학 1위

    SKKU ranked 33rd(Global), 1st(Korea) place in Chemistry

    SKKU ranked 33rd(Global), 14th(Asia), 2nd(Korea) place among 1,031 global universities in the subject of chemistry.

  • 기본썸네일이미지

    Prof. Karsten Rott's Research Team (Dept. of Physics) Participated in the IBS Dark Matter Study

    The Cosine-100 Collaborative Research Unit of IBS (Institute for Basic Science) which SKKU research team led by Prof. Karsten Rott (Dept. of Physics) participated paved the way for long-standing controversy surrounding dark matter signal that Dama experiment had observed. The results of this research were published at the online edition of Nature (IF 42.351) on December 6th at 3 AM. In the paper, data from the cosine-100 experiment suggested that there is insufficient evidence that the signal detected by the Dama experiment is caused by dark materials, and disproved most of the theories based on the results of the Dama experience. Currently, two graduate students of our university are participating in the cosine-100 experiment and are conducting a detector simulation. SKKU team has been participated in this experiment from the beginning of detector production and is contributing on the data monitoring from the detector. "The cosine-100 experiment will continue to collect data. We hope that we will be able to fully understand the anomalies observed by the Dama experiment, Prof. Karsten said. “Although this result does not directly identify the presence of dark matter, it may discovered a new phenomenon that we do not yet.”

  • 러시아문학과 교수, 예카테리나 포포바 제3기 외국인 서울시 명예시장 위촉

    Prof. Ekaterina POPOVA appointed as Honorary Mayor of Seoul

    On December 4th, Prof. Ekaterina POPOVA has been appointed as the 3rd Honorary Mayor of Seoul at the event held in Jongno, Seoul.

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