Student Counseling (Counseling Center)

The Counseling Center was established to help students solve their problems and support them to grow into mature and healthy personality. We offers a full range of services in regards to personality, interpersonal relationships, academics, psychiatry, and other various areas to help students find their potential and true identities on their own and to ultimately improve the quality of their lives. The Student Counseling Center’s professional counselors guarantee the students' confidentiality and offer a safe and protected environment to talk in.

Counseling Service

  • Individual Counseling : A 1:1 meeting with a trained professional counselor to discuss students’ concerns and find solutions. Counseling is conducted once a week for 50 minutes, up to a maximum of 10 sessions.
  • Online Counseling : Counseling Center homepage (http://scc.skku.edu/)
  • Group Counseling : Under the guidance of a professional counselor, students with similar concerns exchange opinions and get help. Various programs such as 'Career Exploration Groups', 'Interpersonal Improvement Groups', 'Self-Growth Groups', and 'Self-Expression Training' are held every semester.
  • Psychological test & interpretation counseling : Various psychological tests are available to assist your understanding of personality, adaptation, occupational interests, and so on.
  • Psychoeducational Workshops : The Center holds psychoeducational workshops by experts in a specific field.

Service Users

  • All undergraduate and graduate students, including freshmen, students on leaves of absence, and international students

How to make an appointment for Counseling

  • Visit:
    Humanities & Social Sciences Campus: 1F, Dasan Hall of Economics
    Natural Sciences Campus: 3F, Shop and Service Center
  • Call:
    Humanities & Social Sciences Campus: (02)760-1290
    Natural Sciences Campus: (031)290-5260
  • Online : Counseling Center website (http://scc.skku.edu)
  • Open Hours : (Monday ~ Friday) 9:00AM ~ 17:30PM
    Counseling and psychological examination free of charge
  • * In accordance with [Code of Ethics for Counselors], confidentiality of all counseling is strictly enforced.

Location and Contact Information

Location and Contact Information
Humanities and Social Sciences Campus Natural Sciences Campus
  • 1F, Dasan Hall of Economics, Room #: 321057
    TEL: 02) 760 - 1290
  • 3F, Shop and Service Center, Room #: 04209
    TEL: 031) 290 - 5260
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