Korean Interdisciplinary Studies

What is Korean Studies?

  • Purpose : Nurturing Korean experts with comprehensive knowledge of Korean language, culture and history
  • Target : International students at SKKU
  • Degree : Dual degree with student’s own major
Korean Interdisciplinary Studies

What is Dual Degree?

A dual degree program involves completing and receiving two or more degrees at the same time. This program give students freedom to study various fields. Dual degree programs make it possible for students to study their second and third majors during undergraduate studies at SKKU.

Korean Studies

한국학 연계전공과목 안내
Category Subject
Foundation Introduction to Korean Studies
Korean Language Korean Orthography, Reading & Writing in Korean for Academic Purposes, Understanding of Communication, Korean Society and Communication
Korean Culture Korean Culture Heritage, Korean Art and Contemporary Popular Culture, Korean Society and Family Relationships, Korean Society and Confucianism, Modern Korean History and Culture, Introduction to Korean Cinemas
Korean History Korean History and Culture, Nature and Geography of Korea, International Relations in East Asia
Korean Economy Understanding of East Asia Economy, Korea-China Trade Environment

*Website of Korean Language Program: http://koreansli.skku.edu

Why Should I Take Korean Studies?

  • Most Korean companies are looking for international students who have expertise in knowledge and knowhow of Korean society.
  • Each semester, many international students' grades don't satisfy scholarship criteria which is 2.5 and up. Under a relative evaluation system, competing against fellow international students is much easier than against Korean students.

How to Apply for Korean Studies

Registering Korean Studies

  • When to apply
    - The end of every semester until the fall semester of the third year
    - Will be announced to foreign students
  • How to apply
    - GLS〔Application/Status Management〕
  • Courses taken before applying
    - After applying for a dual degree, those courses will be automatically approved
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