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Home Builder

SKKU Web Builder (SWB) is a website creation tool of SungKyunKwan University that makes easy to create websites with templates that were already built. SWB can be used only for university administrative organizations, colleges & schools, graduate schools, and research institutions, and it is not available for personal blogs or websites with commercial purposes.

  • Please access to http://swb.skku.edu and follow the steps for creating website:
    • ① Sign in with SKKU ID → ② Request to open up a website → ③ Get approval from the administrator of the Information Communications Division and start building your website

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage that makes virtual disk storage space available to you as a drive on your local computer. Therefore, users can save, share, transfer, and backup files anytime, anywhere.

  • Features
    • Google Drive also enhances its capabilities as a document tool, allowing you to open more than 30 files including HD movies, Adobe Illustrator, PNG and Photoshop, as well as recognize objects in images and text in scanned documents. You can also import information from various Google services such as Docs, Gmail, Picasa, and Google Plus.
    • Gmail is useful because it allows you to attach up to 10GB of files on your drive to your mail. It also works with Google Photos, allowing users to select the upload quality of video and photo materials.
  • Team Drive
    • The ability to add users within Google Drive to collaborate and share files is limited to uploading 250,000 files.
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